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Eagle Action Alert : Spread Far and Wide!

Eagle Creek Defenders prepare for logging expected June 5th - call for witnesses, supporters, volunteers, and supplies: "HELP US STOP THIS!!!
Call in sick or take a personal day and
Bring a video recorder or camera and document the SHAME!!.
Cascadian Roots Grow Deeper into the Eagle Creek Watershed


    Throughout the weekend, supporters of Cascadia Forest Alliance (CFA) have been trickling into basecamp with supplies of food and gear.  All was quiet this morning, but logging is expected to begin on Tuesday morning (June 5th) and CFA will still be there to peacefully greet loggers and Forest Service officials.  After our victory at turning back the bulldozer on Friday we are sure the Forest Service (Freddies) will be out in full force tomorrow morning, so come out and bear witness.

    Although the support we have received thus far is much appreciated, it is not near enough to sustain the activists that are living in the forest protecting your watershed.  Now is the time to do something.  

Get out into the forest and bring supplies!

Directions to basecamp:

1. Take I-205 to Highway 224 (south) towards Estacada.
2. Take 224 about two miles past Estacada;
3. Left on Fall Creek Road
4. Next left on Divers Road
5. Right on Squaw Mt. Rd. and head up about 8 miles and stay right at the "Y" onto Forest Service Road 4614.

What to Bring:

Prepared vegetarian food for all, wet weather gear, video and digital cameras, waterproof tarps and clothing, dry firewood.

Basically bring anything you would bring on a long backpacking trip, but don't mind donating.

Send monetary contributions to:

Cascadia Forest Alliance

PO Box 4946

Portland, OR 97208

When the people lead, the leaders will follow!

In the meantime, call Senator Gordon Smith at (202) 224-3753 to express your OUTRAGE that the Forest Service is allowing logging to begin while the scientific review team is currently studying Eagle.

    Request that he join the other members of Oregon's congressional delegation calling for an immediate suspension of logging in the Eagle Creek watershed.  

Also contact Jim Furnish, the Deputy Chief of the National Forest Service and ask him to intervene and stop the cutting.  He can be reached at 202-205-1523.

By the time you read this, chances are Cascadians will once again be face to face with loggers and Forest Service.  We need your help to bear witness to the ongoing destruction of this precious watershed. We need to let the Forest Service know we're watching them.

If you can't make it to the forest, mark your calendars now: Join us for a massive rally at the Regional Forest Service headquarters next Wednesday, June 6th, at noon.  The building is in downtown Portland at SW 2nd and Oak.

OUR SINCERE THANKS TO SENATOR RON WYDEN, REPS., HOOLEY, BLUMENAUER, DEFAZIO AND WU for their letters calling for the immediate suspension of logging at Eagle Creek!  Please give them a call of thanks!

See www.cascadiaforestalliance.org < http://www.cascadiaforestalliance.org/>  for updates, and to better coordinate rides and supplies call 503-241-4879 before heading out to the forest.

If you have video footgae and/or still photo of anything up at Eagle Creek, please email  jeff@imray.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiaforestalliance.org/helpus.html
phone: phone: 503-241-4879
address: address: Cascadia Forest Alliance, PO Box 4946, Portland, OR 97208