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Palestinian Right Rally

Women in Black Vigil for Palestinian rights Wed 6/6
>NEWS RELEASE June 1, 2001
>This June, peace activists will be marking the 34th year of Israel's
>occupation by a series of public actions in Israel, Palestine, and
>cities throughout the world.
>On June 6, 2001 the Women in Black in Portland will start off the world
>wide observance at Pioneer Courthouse Square with a vigil from 11:30 am to
>On or about June 8, 2001 women and men from all over the world are
>planning to hold "Women in Black" vigils that call for an immediate end to
>the occupation. Vigils are planned in San Francisco, New York, Los
>Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Melbourne, and Toronto, and many more are now
>Organized by the Coalition of Women for a Just Peace whose member
>organizations include Women in Black, Bat Shalom, Mothers and Women for
>Peace and WILPF, Israel Chapter.
>For further information contact:
> Yvonne Simmons 503-288-8958
> Robin Bee 503-735-3021
> Pat Hollingsworth 503-289-2097