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Here's the full text of the original charter of the neo-fascist Pioneer Fund!

The far-right-wing 'Pioneer Fund,' founded by open admirers of Hitler in 1937, has provided at least a million dollars to the Anti-immigrant group F.A.I.R., who in turn paid one of the co-authors of the anti-immigrant Prop 187 in California for nearly two years leading up to the Prop 187 campaign (most of Prop 187's provisions have since been struck down by the courts as unconstitutional).

Here's the exchange that ensued when their original incorporation papers were posted on the anti-mexican message board hosted by the California Coalition for Immigration Reform. [  http://www.ccir.net/webcgibin/index.cgi ]
Here's the full text of the original charter of the neo-fascist Pioneer Fund!
Here's the full text of the original charter of the neo-fascist Pioneer Fund!
Photo: Barbara Coe, head-honcho of C.C.I.R., a California anti-immigrant group that hosts an online message board that seems to be devoted to swapping anecdotes about illegal aliens and calling for their deportation, and in some cases advocating outright race war against them. C.C.I.R.'s main claim to fame is its support of Proposition 187, the 1994 measure that attempted to kick 'illegal' kids out of schools and deny 'illegal' people access to social services, even though they pay taxes. [ {Fwd} photo copied from earlier CCIR-related spoof on www.indymdia.org Apologies to the uncompensated photographer ]


Posted on the rabidly anti-Mexican CCIR board on 05/31/01 by 'Digger':

Here's the full text of the original Pioneer Fund Certificate of Incorporation.

There has been much controversy on [the CCIR] site regarding the far-right 'Pioneer Fund,' their fascist origins, their ongoing work to promote the idea of 'scientific proof' of the superiority of the 'white race.'

Several defender of FAIR have gone so far as to say that the Pioneer Fund is not, and NEVER was, a fascist-leaning institution.

This document proves otherwise. If the text version's not good enough for the hard-line deniers among you, that's fine - I included the address from which you may obtain a photocopy of the actual document itself:

From the ISAR Archives Files. Posted Feb. 1, 1998

Pioneer Fund Certificate of Incorporation (1937)

The following is a copy of the original "Certificate of Incorporation" of the Pioneer Fund. An archival copy of this certificate can be obtained from Harry Laughlin Papers, Folder labeled, "Pioneer Foundation," North East Missouri State University, Kirskville, MO.




Pursuant to the Membership Corporations Law

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, for the purpose of forming a membership corporation pursuant to the Membership Corporations Law or the State or New York, hereby certify:

1. The name of the proposed corporation is THE PIONEER FUND, INC.

2. The purposes for which it is to be formed are:

To acquire money, securities, or other property, real or personal, by gift, legacy, or otherwise, including the right to receive the income or principal of any property, legacy or devise given by will or otherwise in trust to pay the principal or income to this Corporation; and to hold, invest, use, and dispose of the principal and income of the same for any one or more of the following charitable purposes:

A. To provide or aid in providing for the education of children or parents deemed to have such qualities and traits of character as to make such parents of unusual value as citizens, and, in the case of children or such parents whose means are inadequate therefor, to provide financial aid for the support, training, and start in life of such children.

The children selected for such aid shall be children of parents who are citizens of the United States, and in selecting such children, unless the directors deem it inadvisable, consideration shall be especially given to children who are deemed to be descended predominantly from white persons who settled in the original thirteen states prior to the adoption of the Constitution of the united states and/or from related stocks, or to classes of children the majority of whom are deemed to be so descended.

Subject to the requirement that the corporation shall be administered for strictly charitable objects, and in so far as it may be found practicable so to do, the foregoing purposes shall be carried out in such manner as to give assurance to parents of the character described that their children shall not lack an adequate education or start in life and thus to encourage an increase in the number at children or such parents, and in so far as the qualities and traits of such parents are inherited., to aid in improving the character of the people of the United States.

B. To conduct or aid in conducting study and research into the problems of heredity and eugenics in the human race generally and such study and such research in respect to animals and plants as may throw light upon heredity in man, and to conduct or aid in conducting research and study into the problems of race betterment with special reference to the people of the United States, and for the advance of knowledge and the dissemination of information with respect to any studies so made or in general with respect to heredity and eugenics.

The corporation is not organized for pecuniary profit and shall not engage in any activities for pecuniary profit, and no officer director, of member, or employee of the corporation stall receive any pecuniary profit from the operations thereof except reasonable compensation for services in effecting or carrying out one or more or its activities or as a proper beneficiary of its strictly charitable purposes. Any and all property acquired by the corporation shall be held, used, and disposed of for charitable purposes only and the above stated specific purpose shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with this intention.

3. Its operations are to be conducted principally in the territory comprising the continental United States, including the District of Columbia.

4. Its office is to be located in the city, County and State of New York.

5. The number of its directors shall be not less than 3 nor more than 9.

6. The names and residences of the directors until the first annual meeting are:


Wickliffe Preston Draper 322 East 57th Street,
New York City, N.Y.

Harry H. Laughlin Cold Spring Harbor,
Long Island, N.Y.

Malcolm Donald 638 Blue Hill Avenue
Milton, Mass.

Frederick Henry Osborn Garrison-on-Hudson
New York.

7. All of the subscribers to this certificate are of full age; at least two-thirds of them are citizens of the United States; at least one of them is a resident of the State of New York. Of the persons named as directors, at least one is a citizen of the United States and a resident of the State of New York.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have made, subscribed, and acknowledged this certificate as of this 27th day of February, 1937.

Wickliffe Preston Draper

Harry H. Laughlin

Malcolm Donald

Frederick Henry Osborn

Vincent K. Smalley

(Acknowledgments omitted)


[A note from Digger - The references to "white" stock were not deleted until 1985, and even then only under pressure from universities who had been embarassed when critics pointed out the Pioneer Fund's racist research goals.]


>Posted by on the CCIR board by 'Viola':

They are lying Kathy look at this I have discredited them over and over again, These Mexican Nationals want to discredit any group that is against illegal aliens. It makes it more difficult to bring all their relatives over. They are trying to use the old Pioneer fund of the 20's as if it is the same today. Go to www.pioneerfund.org/about.html

The Pioneer fund of today give grants to American Universities and are not associated with Nazis or any white superiority group. They are grasping at straws and deceiving people because they may enter illegally but more and more Americans are waking up! I have new friends that is very interested in what Mexico and Mexicans are doing to this Country. Keep up the great work Kathy!


>A rebuttal from Digger:

'Pioneer fund of the 1920s' You mean the one founded in 1937?

In fact they kept the white supremacy language until the 1980's. In fact, the Pioneer Fund was founded in 1937 (not the 1920's Viola), at the height of the eugenics movement and their open admiration of Hitler and his 'racial purity' goals.

I checked and it turns out that the text above is the accurate, complete text of their original Certificate of Incorporation in 1937.

According to the current head of the Pioneer Fund, a Mr. Wehyer, the wording dealing with the 'betterment' of the 'white' race was only removed in the 1980s, and even then only as a response to embarassing publicity.

Get your facts straight before churning out your excuses for the racist funding behind Prop 187.

[FYI - The following are comments that were made at www.indymedia.org , under same heading as this story]

>Aliens? Where? (english)
>by zircron 12:20pm Fri Jun 1 '01


I was not aware that people from mexico were aliens...

You should alert the supermarket tabloids because their pictures of aliens always look so .... other worldly.

Mexicans and folks from other parts of the world who come here for economic opportunity are very interesting.

It is so interesting how many immigrants are willing to work for low wages and in dangerous conditions. It is so interesting how immigrants are willing to be taxed (sales tax, low wages, gas taxes, police payoffs, etc.) and not recieve equal protection under the law.

Thats what the original thirteen colonies went to war with England about ... that's how the story goes...

No taxation without representation.

It is so interesting how our government is willing to wage war in Central America --- destroying infrastructure and terrorizing the civilian population.

When folks wind up here looking for jobs and less war, They are still terrorized by racists who don't realize that the american lifestyle depends on the exploitation of immigrants.

Viola, I assume you eat vegetables and fruit. Who do you think grows that food? Its true the gamma light from the sun grows the food, But the farm workers are not ALIENS!

Who profits from cheap labor?

>Immigrants? Bad people? Send them back! (english)
>by Grrr 12:46pm Fri Jun 1 '01

As I recall, the inhabitants of the original 13 colonies were all immigrants. And what a nasty lot they were when compared to today's standards. They raped and murdered and engaged in biological warfare against the original inhabitants. They later attempted to enslave them, also, before bringing in yet more immigrants to work as slaves. Why, they even murdered each other under the guise of ridding themselves of "witches." What a terrible bunch.

Their descendants should be rounded up and shipped back from whence they came (although the good people of Plymouth Rock probably would prefer they go elsewhere). Not only would America have fewer people, it would probably be a much nicer place.

>To address the CCIR racists, go to this link: (english)
>by FYI 4:06pm Fri Jun 1 '01

To comment to the racists, you'll have to visit their site (unless they are snooping here again, and choose to reply here and blow their cover, which is unlikely).

Here's the link to their site. The way I've copied it takes you first through the @nonymouse.com proxy in England:

 link to anonymouse-master.org

I'll post it as a link also, which may or may not work. otherwise, cut & paste into your browser.

Or you can go to @nonymouse.com and type the CCIR address at the appropriate prompt:


Or use the anonymizing proxy of your choice - chaining them if you are technically proficient enough, or sticking to the commercial ones if not.

Here is another simple web-based proxy: www.surfola.com. Note: to be anonymous, you MUST SELECT THE STEALTH OPTION, and disable your cookies, javascript, etc. Lots of annoying ads and frames, but works well once you get used to it.

The reason you might want to take one or more of these precautions is because unlike indymedia.org, the CCIR site posts your IP# and browser info anytime you post. This may or may not matter, depending on how serious the militia-types are about exacting revenge against those of us who have exposed their neo-nazi funding links. There have certainly been threats aplenty.

Keep in mind that it's a simple anonymizing proxy, meaning the PUBLIC can't see your info, but the Webmaster most likely can. So don't say or do anything stupid/illegal, stick to the facts, which are on our side to begin with. Read Diggers posts in other indymedia stories (do a search) and/or read his or her posts to the racist CCIR site. Just my $.02

Here's that link that SHOULD take you to the CCIR board THROUGH @nonymouse.com If it doesn't work, cut & paste this

 link to anonymouse-master.org

into your browser or use surfola.com or some other proxy.

But it SHOULD work, so click here:

[ {Fwd} Refer to the active link below. ]

>I just checked, the link works fine. (english)
>by FYI 4:39pm Fri Jun 1 '01

The link works fine for me, and I was already going through a secure web-based proxy.

Sorry, but I'm not giving out the proxy that I started through, since we have seen CCIR spies here (and you can hardly blame them, given the embarassment we are causing their leaders by exposing their neo-fascist funding sources). But it appears that you may even be able to achieve a kind of ad-hoc web-based chaining by starting at one web-based proxy and using that to connect to  www.@nonymouse.com, and then typing or copying the direct ccir link [ www.ccir.net/webcgibin/index.cgi ] at the appropriate prompt at the @nonymouse.com browser window.

Again, this is simply to guarantee that your IP info cannot be seen by the public. UNLESS YOU ARE USING MUCH MORE ELABORATE PRECAUTIONS, YOU SHOULD STILLL ASSUME THAT THE CCIR WEBMASTER CAN DETECT YOUR IP #. So, whatever your morals, it would be best NOT to do or say stupid things that will give them the opportunity to come after you with their FBI pals doing the dirty work for them!

At least to me, the idea here is not to create a mindless flame war of obscenities and stereotypical charicatures, but to truly engage these folks and broaden the debate over immigration to include such aspects as the role of the U.S. and global corporate elites and institutions like NAFTA, the WTO, the World Bank, etc, in creating economic refugees and rapid migration.

It is also important, for obvious reasons, to continue to challenge the nefarious ultra-authoritarian leadership and shadowy neo-fascist funding sources that have propped up the major national anti-immigration groups over the past several decades.

If you agree, click here to address the CCIR crowd directly:

 link to anonymouse-master.org

homepage: homepage: http://anonymouse-master.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://www.ccir.net/webcgibin/index.cgi