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KBOO fined by FCC

$7000 fine levied against KBOO for playing modern rap critique.
The Portland community radio station, KBOO, was fined $7000 last week for playing, "Your Revolution Will Not Happen Between These Thighs", a song, considered by many, to be a feminist critique of the exploitation of women in modern rap music. The fine was levied because of the "indecent lyrics" of the song which was played during a time in which children may be listening.

Since KBOO is a non-commercial radio station funded almost completely by its listeners this type of fine can be extremely crippling. Unlike its commercial counterparts who routinely pay such fines as an business expense in order to play "raunchy" material, this is unheard of at KBOO and is the first time in their 30 year history to be fined. Please be sure to check out the lyrics of the song below to determine whether or not you deem this material to be offensive and worth government censorship:

"Your revolution will not happen
between these thighs,
The real revolution ain`t about booty size,
The versace`s you buys, or the Lexus you drives,
And though we`ve lost Biggie Smalls,
Baby your notorious revolution
will never allow you to
lace your lyrical douche, In my bush,
Your revolution will not be you
killing me softly with Fugees,
Your revolution ain`t gonna
knock me up without no ring,
and produce little future emcees,
Because that revolution will not happen
between these thighs,
Your revolution will not find me
in the back seat of a jeep,
With LL, hard as hell, you know, doin` it and doin it and doin` it well,
Your revolution will not be you smackin` it up,
flippin` it or rubbin` it down,
Nor will it take you downtown, or humpin` around,
Because that revolution will not happen
between these thighs.
Your revolution will not have me singin` "Ain`t no
nigga like the one I got",
Your revolution will not be you sending me for no drip drip VD shot,
Your revolution will not involve me feeling of
nature-ized or helping you fantisize,
Because that revolution will not happen
between these thighs,
No not between these thighs,
Oh, my Jamaican brother, your revolution will not make me feel boombastic,
And really fantastic and have you ropin` in the dark for that rubber rapped in plastic,
Enh, Enh
You will not be touching your lips to
my triple dip Of french vanilla
butter pecan chocolate deluxe,
Or havin` Akineyle`s dream, Mm,
hm..a six foot blowjob machine,
You want to subjugate your Queen?
Think I`ma put it in my mouth,
because you made a few bucks?
Please, brother please
Your revolution will not be me tossing my weave, And making me believe, I`m some caviar eating ghetto mafia clown,
Or me giving up my behind,
Just so I can get signed,
And maybe have somebody else, write my rhymes,
I`m Sarah Jones, not Foxy Brown,
I`m Sarah Jones, not Foxy Brown.
Your revolution makes me wonder
where could we go,
If we could drop the empty pursuit
of props and the ego,
We`d revolt back to our Roots,
Use a little Common Sense,
On a Quest to make Love,
De La Soul, no pretense, but
Your revolution will not be you flexing,
Your little set and status,
To express what you feel,
Your revolution will not happen
between these thighs,
Your revolution will not happen
between these thighs,
Will not be you shaking and me...
(yawn) faking between these thighs,
Because the real revolution,
The real revolution,
I`m talking about the revolution, when it comes,
It`s going to be real,
Yeah, it`s going to be real."
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The lyrics have already been posted to this site and discussion is already happening at


which you get to from the "lyrics" link within the story that, today, is still on the portland.indymedia.org front page. let's try to keep everything in one place so we're not duplicating our efforts. :)