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National Walk for Farmworker Justice

The Walk for Farmworker Justice took place in Oregon from June 18-25. Participants in the Walk included people from immigrant, labor, religious, human rights, community, small farmer, environment, and youth organizations [ List of endorsers ]. Their goal: to bring NORPAC, an Oregon agricultural cooperative, to the bargaining table with Piņeros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN), Oregon's farmworker union.

The list of labor abuses committed by NORPAC growers is long, but includes low pay, no overtime, no breaks, exposing workers to carcinogenic pesticides, overcrowded and overpriced housing, lack of proper toilet facilities, and child labor. Workers who have attempted to claim their basic rights are met with discrimination, firings, evictions from grower-owned housing, mechanization of harvests, anti-farmworker and immigrant law proposals, and threats of physical violence.

IMC Portland, cooperating with KBOO, provided daily coverage of the event with reports in text, photo, video and audio. The feature continues to be updated as more content is produced.

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