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Actions planned for Eagle Creek

Carpools leave for the Eagle sales early tomorrow to deal with first day of logging. Mass rally in Downtown Portland at noon next Wednesday June 6 at the Regional Forest Service Headquarters at SW 2nd and Stark if logging continues
Here's the latest from Eagle Creek and planned actions.
Much thanks to Indymedia for covering the latest update very well already.

The Forest Service ultimately managed to take down the road blockade after several hours but no arrests were made after the activist in the structure fled the scene before being cited. When the Forest Service law enforcement arrived on the scene they immediately drew knives, threatening to cut the ropes holding the blockade structure and activist up. In the process of getting in the way of the Forest Service, an officer cut open the hand of one of the activists on the scene. It is unclear at this time how serious that injury is. This marks a serious escalation in law enforcement aggressiveness towards the nonviolent protesters at the Eagle sales. At this point, the gate has been locked on that road and it is closed to motorized vehicles (but not people or bikes). 6 miles past the locked gate, the tree sits in "unit 2" of the sale are still going strong after 2 years. But logging is still scheduled for parts of the sale tomorrow, Friday, June 1. This blockade was short lived but it did achieve success in shining a spotlight on the imminent logging of Eagle, while a scientific review is supposedly taking place.


We need to let the Forest Service know we're watching them and we need to bear witness to, protest and potentially interfere with logging tomorrow. Depending partly whether logging is taking place, people will have the choice to stand aside and witness what is happening or risk arrest. Carpools are meeting at the CFA office on SE 16th and Clinton at 7am, or if you want to meet us out there, meet at the "Y" in the road at 8:30.
Directions are at the bottom. Bring food for the day, water, and appropriate gear for the weather (it may rain). Call us at (503) 241-4879 or see www.cascadiaforestalliance.org for more details.

If you can't make it to the forest Friday, mark your calendars now: Join us for a massive rally at the Regional Forest Service headquarters next Wednesday, June 6th, at noon. The building is downtown, at SW 2nd and Oak,
where Tre Arrow was on the ledge last summer

In the meantime, call Senator Gordon Smith at (202) 224-3753 to express your outrage that the Forest Service is allowing logging to begin while the scientific review team that is studying Eagle is still in progress. Tell him the sale should just be cancelled outright and that he should get involved. Also contact Jim Furnish, the Deputy Chief of the National Forest System and ask to intervene and stop the cutting. He can be reached at 202-205-1523.
For more info about the review team and directions to Eagle, please visit our website or call the CFA hotline.

Take I-205 to Highway 224 (south) towards Estacada. Take 224 about two miles past Estacada; Then take a left on Fall Creek Road. Soon after, take a left on Divers Road.
Then take a right onto Squaw Mt. Road. (Fall Creek road, Divers road, and Squaw Mt. Road are all marked) Follow Squaw Mt. Road 8.4 miles until you arrive at a large asphalt "Y" in the road. This "Y" splits Forest Service road 4615
(lower road) and FS 4614 (upper road) that lead into the Eagle timber sales.
The Y is where we'll be meeting Friday June 1 at 8:30 am.

There's also a hike to the sale area on Saturday June 2, leaving from the Daily Grind at SE 41st and Hawthorne at 9 am.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiaforestalliance.org
phone: phone: 503-241-4879
address: address: 1540 SE Clinton St.

Are you going to do the same old tactics? 31.May.2001 12:45


Ok so here we go again. another free state raid is coming, another wild area is about to get hacked to pieces and
forestactivists seem unable to put forth any radical suggestions.
Here's some for people who actually want to stop the Freddies up there in Eagle Creek:
1)DO NOT sit on a ledge in PDX to make a "symbolic" statement. The forest doesnt need anymore martyrs or symbolism. It needs protection! More defenders, less symbols!
2)Wear a mask or conceal your indentity. Not only will the freds be inimidtaed but they will not be able to ID
you later
3)Make it financially absurd to deal with you. HOW?
*attack the cars and trucks they leave alone when they are busy chasing your friends
*rip the roads out. culverts anything is game at this point.
*spike the trees publically even!
*cat and mouse the fat bastards
3)Use your imagination. There are enough websites and DIY guides to help
4)Attack the company by any means you think is approroiate.
occupy their offices, attack them, theraten them. Whatever

whatver you do, do it with a group you trust!
and most of all, dont get caught and keep your mouth shut if you do

re: that last post 31.May.2001 15:07

wake up to reality

Boy, you know, the quickest way to get public opinion against you in activism in this country is to be militantly violent. A few punctured tires or 'threatened' Freddies up there, and you'll have the entire mainstream media crying about how the situation has been taken over by violent extremists and calling for the gov't to reign things in -- which the they'll be more than happy to do and the 99.9% of American society who are scared to death of black masks and flying rocks will be happy to support them. That law of 'every action causes an equal and opposite reaction' doesn't just apply to physics. Ready your history books, kid.

And read the paper as well. You think Tre sitting up on the ledge was a worthless symbolic act? That situation got more press coverage (and POSITIVE coverage at that, which, if you're wanting to actually SAVE Eagle Creek and not just fuck around in the woods for a few months until you get bored) for Eagle Creek than just about anything else until that point.

If we want to be effective, we need to gague strengths and weaknesses. Guess what? VIOLENCE and BRUTE FORCE are *their* strengths, not ours. If you choose that route with the US gov't you will lose, every time.

But what are their weaknesses? They're doing something that's hurting EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the Portland metro area (watershed, recreation, etc.), they already have a number of LOCAL GOVT'S AND POLITICANS AGAINST THEM, and, most importantly, they are COMPLETELY IN THE WRONG.

The people ultimately have the power -- we just need to get them to realize it and use it. Unfortunately, when we play in the Freddies' hands with violent tactics, they use the people against us, and win. 5 kids running around the forest tearing up culverts won't save Eagle. 50 angry citizens locking down in front of the gates, 500 angry citizens occupying the Forest Service building and 5,000 angry citizens calling their Representatives WILL.

Hey, a tip to everyone: Angry, violent men are who got us into this (global) mess in the first place. As far as I'm concerned, when I hear talk like that, the person's either naive or an infiltrator.