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Emergency At Eagle Creek - Your Help Needed NOW!

Forest protectors at the Eagle Creek report angry Forest Service employees at the the road blockade. According to reports, the FS are tampering with treesitters' lines - an activist is reported to have been assualted. Your help is needed NOW - logging of the protected trees can begin as soon as June 1st!
From: Ivan Maluski < pseudotsuga@earthlink.net>
Subject: emergency at Eagle
To: CFA < pseudotsuga@earthlink.net>
X-Priority: 3


I've just heard that the Forest Service has shown up at the road blockade
and is very angry. They are messing with the lines and one scratchy cell
phone message said they had cut a protester's hand, but details are
unavailable at this time. If you are able to drop what you are doing and
head out to the woods now or in the next hour or two, please do so.
Increasing numbers of people and media showing up may force the Forest
Service to back off for now.

From Portland:
Get on I-205 south and take the Highway 224/Estacada exit. Follow 224 all
the way to Estacada and go two miles past it. Take a left on Fall Creek
road. Take a left onto Divers road and then a right onto Squaw Mountain
Road. Follow Squaw Mountain road and it ultimately becomes forest road 4614
at the last houses you pass. Follow this another couple of miles until you
hit a large asphalt Y in the road and take the left fork (road 4615.) A
little further along is the blockade.

Contact 503-241-4879 if you plan to go and can offer rides or take gear up

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiaforestalliance.org
phone: phone: 503-241-4879

can i do something from los angeles? 30.May.2001 19:11


is there something i can do? i have access to a lot of media here - i actually work for a cable network.

Attn Tasha: re help from LA 31.May.2001 18:40

kirk james murphy, md kmurphy@ucla.edu

Hi Tasha -

Sorry for posting this to comments in general, but there was no return email address on your post. Please email me at the address above so we can discuss how to help from LA.


Support Activists at Eagle Creek 05.Jun.2001 22:40

Westwind westwind@aracnet

Lend your voice and power to the effort to save Eagle Creek, logging could resume at any time, you can make a critical difference in this fight by:

Joining us on the mountain, call 503-241-4879 for carpool info and the latest updates to the needs list

Donate gear: We need climbing harnesses & gear, sturdy rain apparel (rain pants, gaters, etc.) and non-parishable, vegitarian food (dry fruit, granola, nuts, etc)

Contact your State and local reprisentitives, particularly Gordon Smith: ask that they step up efforts to cancel the sale, or at least suspend the sale durring the Independent Review process

Your actions are more powerful than you realize, join us in protecting this pristine and all to fragile wilderness