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Job Available

The Genetic Engineering Food Alert coalition (GEFoodAlert) seeks to hire a full-time national coordinator on a one year contractual basis.

The Genetic Engineering Food Alert coalition (GEFoodAlert) seeks to hire a full-time national coordinator on a one year contractual basis.

GEFoodAlert is committed to public scrutiny of genetic engineering and demands responsible action by the nation's largest corporations and top regulatory agencies to address public concerns about genetically modified organisms in the food supply. GEFoodAlert's exposť of StarLink corn and its contamination of the food supply has reverberated literally around the world, leading to widespread product recalls, raising international concerns about the integrity of U.S. exports and contributing to growing consumer skepticism of the biotech industry's claims that these products are safe for human health and the environment.

In 2001, GEFoodAlert will build on the success of StarLink and work to push other genetically engineered corn products off the market. This "Corn Campaign" will build on the respective skills and experience of our seven member groups, including Friends of the Earth, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, National Environmental Trust, Organic Consumers Association, Pesticide Action Network North America and the State PIRGs. More effective coordination of research, advocacy and media work amongst the seven partners and supportive grass roots efforts could help shape history itself.

The coordinator's job will include:

A. Policy and Programmatic Coordination
- Ensuring overall coordination of all campaign activities;
- Assisting with strategic planning and campaign development;
- Facilitating speedy responses to breaking news and media reports.

B. Coalition Communications
- Managing the coalition's internal coordination and communications;
- Maintaining one-on-one updates with individual coalition partners;
- Preparing agendas, meeting minutes, and other documents internal to the coalition.

C. Administration and Fundraising
- Monitoring and preparing reports on progress in implementing the coalition's shared workplan;
- Preparing agreed promotional materials such as a campaign brochure;
- Maintaining budget and expenditures documentation from partners' submissions;
- Fundraising and preparing reports to funders.

Highly qualified candidates will have:
- Excellent communication skills;
- Some campaign experience;
- Some coalition experience;
- Some national experience;
- Some administrative experience;
- Some fundraising experience.

The GEFoodAlert coalition is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our web site is  http://www.gefoodalert.org

The rate of pay is negotiable, based upon experience. The coordinator will be accountable to the coalition as a whole but will report directly to the chairperson of the coalition. The coordinator may be based anywhere in the United States. Start date is June 1st or as soon as possible.

Interested applicants may send a letter of interest, resume and writing samples electronically to:
Matt Rand, National Environmental Trust

phone: phone: (612) 870-3412