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4 Part Series: "Social Mvmnts, Property Destruction, & the Question of Violence"

A four part series will be taking place in Olympia Washington over the next two weeks with the purpose of sparking discussion and debate as to whether property destruction is an effective tactic for acheiving positive social change.
A 4 part series entitled "Social Movements (Past and Present), Property Destruction and the Question of Violence" will be taking place in Olympia WA in the following weeks. All are at the Evergreen State College (TESC)

(To get to TESC: Whether you are coming from the north or south, you can reach the campus by taking Interstate 5 into Olympia and then turning onto Highway 101 at Exit 104. Go west on 101 North for three miles to The Evergreen State College exit and go another two miles north on the Evergreen Parkway to the campus entrance on the left.)

The events are as follows:

1. Thursday May 17th, 12pm in TESC Library Lobby Ron Jacobs, TESC grad and author will be discussing the history of the Weather Underground, a leftist revolutionary organization of the late 60's and 70's and the implications of this groups actions and tactics for today.

2. Monday May 21st, 12pm in TESC Lecture Hall #4. Helen Garvy, former SDS leader and director of the new film on SDS "Rebels with a cause" will be speaking on the rise and fall of SDS along with thoughts on the
disintegration of the 60's movement. Her film will be showing at the Capital Theatre this weekend and early next week - Check it OUT!.

3. Wednesday May 23rd, 12pm TESC Library Lobby and 7pm at Olympia World News (downtown Olympia). Craig Rosebraugh, spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), perhaps the FBI's most wanted domestic terrorist organization, will be speaking about the rise of ELF's actions in defense of the environment in recent years which have racked up tens of millions of dollars in damage to corporations and the goverment. !!NOT TO BE MISSED!!

4. Wednesday May 30th, 12pm TESC library Lobby. Tim Ream (activists and filmaker) will be presenting a forum entitled "Economic Sabatoge: How and Why" and fostering a discussion and debate on tactics for achieving social change.

For more info contact < epicupdate@hotmail.com> or (360) 867 6144.

phone: phone: (360) 867 6144