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The Shortwave Report 5/18/01 ¡LISTEN GLOBALLY!

A 30 minute review of international news stories recorded from a shortwave radio. (13.6MB/29:44)Free to rebroadcast. Radio Netherlands, Russia, China, Germany, and Cuba.Latin America, Star Wars, Palestine, Italian President, electoral fraud in US, Hypocrisy Award.
The latest Shortwave Report May 18th is up at the website. (13.6MB 29:44). This week's show is, as always, FREE TO REBROADCAST, please send a notification if you air it. This week's show is up early because I'll be giving a poetry reading on Thursday night. This week's show has 14 stories, a bit more news-oriented. The next show will be up next Friday (May 25) by 9am PDST.
We begin this week with Radio Netherlands- a number of Latin American nations have brought lawsuits against the U.S. tobacco companies; the former Peruvian spy chief was given a $15 million golden handshake by former President Fujimori (now exiled in Japan); the U.N. estimates that 90% of crimes in Mexico go unpunished; a story about Palestine's anniversary of "the Great Catastrophe."
From the Voice of Russia, a story about how much U.S. taxpayers will spend on the National Missle Defense system.
Four stories from China Radio International: China's response to the National Missle Defense system; China is urging Japan to clean up the chemical weapons they left on Chinese soil; China and North Korea want Japan to stop "white-washing" in their educational texts the atrocities they committed; China says Taiwan has no right to take part in the W.H.O. as a separate nation.
A European press review from Germany's Radio Deutsche Welle on the results of the presidential election in Italy.
From Radio Havana Cuba: a U.N. envoy to Guatemala finds massive corruption and impunity in the justice system; the Nicaraguan president is further accused of amassing a huge personal fortune; an opinion piece about electoral fraud in the U.S.; and Friends of the Earth give their annual Hypocrisy award to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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