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Oh No Not Another Coverup "Senators Criticize the F.B.I. Over McVeigh Documents

"Any kind of failure at the F.B.I., anything that happens at the F.B.I. that calls into question something they did or failed to do, leads to a lot of mistrust with the American people," said Senator Richard C. Shelby, a Republican from Alabama and chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, after his panel met in a closed session with Louis J. Freeh, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Who trusts these people anyways?
"There's no question these mistakes should not have been made in a high-profile case, or any case," Mr. Hatch said(Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Republican of Utah and chairman of the Judiciary Committee)My site has a link to this story.

I(J.C.) will say I do believe this is a Management Problem and most FBI Agents would risk their lives to save ours...I really do believe that.

Well people looks like the Federal Bureau of Idiots, I mean the FBI (I hate calling them that, we're dead.)screwed up again and again and again.....A thought occured to me...hmmm....Isn's the bottom a direct reflection of the top? So if their are more criminals and liars and cheats....at the bottom....does that not mean there are greater numbers at the top? Like I said we're dead.

The reason I posted my plight with the Federal Government and the rest of these sh_theads, was because Constitutionally what they are doing to me they will and are doing to you. I respect your movement and totally agree with most of your viewers..except for one small point. That point is without participation (Voter Registration..etc.)no one will listen to you. They will gas you until you go to sleep. Picture this....Social Security is being cut drastically. 3000 old people show up in Washington DC protesting with their signs and drums and symbols etc. do you think they will be gassed?...10 of them break out guns and shoot at the police....will they shoot all 3000 of them?...the answer is no....what they do to you they do to their Senator..or President..or Govenor..my point...keep up the good work with the protesting...but start a Political Action Commitee made up of registered voters...squeeze them from both sides...thats how you pop a ZIT and believe me this one is infected. Power to all the People J.C.

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