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Bear trapped in Mitchell Oregon

Please Please Rescue A Bear TRAPPED in a cage at a GAS STATION inhailing deadly fumes against his will! Thia is a call for help answers and action!!!!
On 5/14/01 I was passing through the town of Mitchell and stopped at the only gas station in the town (and the buisness loop exit section) The gas station is run by the cafe across the street, no one was by the pumps. Right next to these toxic fumes dispensers was a 10 ft x 10 ft cage with a mature brown bear who appeared malnurished (white crust at the corners of the mouth) and was pacing back and forth not noticing when I walked up to the cage. There is a sad little plaque posted on the cage stating that the brown bears name was "Henery" and that he came to the town from a farm in Ohio and that he was "so lucky to be here" in this 10X10 cage huffing against his free will deadly fumes from gasoline and disel fuels. I was not able to see any food for the bear inside or outside of the cage. This is an outrage! This is a call to anyone who can do anything to save this bears life, who knows what conditions he recieves on a regular basis? Who knows how long he has been there? Who knows how he is treated and by whom?? Answers and action is needed greatly.
Want answers? 15.May.2001 21:56

simple simon

Why not ask the people who keep him there?

do something, then 16.May.2001 09:02


don't just CRY and SHOUT and put things in CAPS with exclamation points!!! on indymedia.... mobilize, girlfriend!

get a petition, contact the local towns-folk, write a letter to the gas station, get animal rights groups involoved.

plan a meeting.

do somehting, don't just shout fire.

Listen here! 01.Sep.2003 22:52

Jesse Powell

Before you go posting a bunch of crap on the internet, get your facts striaght. The bear is lucky to be there. The well nourished brown bear named by his LOVING owner was going to be put down. Another thing, you obviously can't count because the cage is much bigger. It is almost 25 x 25 feet. And if anything, the bear abuses the owner more than the owner could ever think to abuse the bear. So next time, think about what you are saying before you put it on the internet, and quit talking out your ass.


Josie Gonzales and my parents scrufyruff@msn.com

Someone needs to get the information about Henry right. The bear named,"Henry" is loved and well taken care of. He is a gentle giant who gives lots of love to not only his owner, who doesn't call himself the owner, but his friend and family.

Henry has a large pen, a clean pen, feed with lots of required food value, attention and love. He could never survive in the wild as he was nutered and declawed before he came here. If his present owner hadn't rescued him, he was going to be shot. He is the pride of his family, and we would like it noted.



Untrue Story 04.Apr.2004 08:40


If it was not for Henerys owner the bear would be dead. The owner takes good care of Henery ask any that lives in Mitchell. Please come visit Mitchell and see for yourself.

Henry is Alive and Well 22.Aug.2005 11:22

John Miller miller@lclark.edu

Went throught Mitchell on August 11 & 12th, 2005. Met Henry and his gentle keeper "Hugh". Hugh takes excellent care of Henry. His cage was clean, and the bear looked great. There were no fumes from the filling station, but cars were stopping for gas of course.

On Friday morning, we all had Henry (The bear!) take a slice of apple from our own mouths!

We had a great time in Mitchell. An old-time property owner died last winter, so half of the property in town is tied up in probate, etc. The Hotel there is clean and neat (if you don't mind your bathroom being down the hall and shared). The country store is a kick.

This town is near the John Day Fossil Beds as a point of reference.