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new Bike Group Mtg 2

last week's meeting established that participants in
this newly forming group are interested in organizing
for bicycle celebration, promotion, rights and safety
by "filling the gap between Critical Mass and the BTA."
"PAHBAWG" (Portland Ad Hoc Bike Activism Working Group)
-------temporary name!--------

The next meeting will be
:: Monday 5/21
:: 7:30pm @ Red & Black Cafe (SE 22nd & Division)
:: Everyone please bring:
:: - an idea for a group NAME
:: - a PROJECT idea
:: - a FRIEND

There is no one person organizing this effort -- if
you'd like more information or want to get involved,
send your email address to Jon ( jon@gracies.org) or
Jeme ( jbrelin@bitmine.net) and they'll add you to
the mailing list.