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Greenbrier supports Sizemore... and the Dalai Lama!!

Greenbrier votes for Irony!
On May 14th, the Dalai Lama presented his views on social principles and cooperation to a group of about 6000 Oregon area students. While the schools had expenses involved in giving students an option to go, the chief corporate sponsor for the event came from Greenbrier Companies, which makes railroad cars and other transportation equipment. At his lecture, the Dalai Lama specifically condemned the United States for having the highest income gap between the richest and poorest, and spoke of the obligation to provide the basic needs for everyone in society.
Unbelievably, the Chairman of Greenbrier, Alan James, supported exactly the opposite principles with his $30,000 campaign contribution to Bill Sizemore when he ran for Governor, the third highest of major corporate backers. Interestingly enough, irony is just as much at home with Sizemore.
In case you've forgotten Sizemore, he's the director of Oregon Taxpayers United, which constantly creates anti-union initiatives, helps spread the gap between the rich and the poor, and whose tax cut proposals directly reduce school funding. The Oregonian printed a surprisingly contradictory essay of his containing this hilarious statement: "Nobody wants to micro manage government through the initiative process. We elect people to do that."
I conclude from this, that either Alan James wears two different hats on two entirely different heads, or has no role whatsoever in what support the company he chairs gives to educational opportunities. Or maybe he just wants to follow Sizemore's example, and strike while the irony is hot.

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