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The FBI still holds 6,000 pages on the Leonard Peltier case.
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The humble human herd likes to believe what their rulers tell them. For those that raise up to the pinnacle of leadership of our society are expected, by those who they rule, to
vigorously maintain the principles that we are told that our society is founded upon. Truth, justice, liberty, and equity for all, we have all been indoctrinated into believing are the cornerstones of America the land of the free. The very idea that the U.S. Government would seek to suppress different opinions in a process of outright deception,
in a clear violation of all those great cornerstone principles, is something the American human herd has yet to realize is the true reality. But there, within the herd, are voices that are proclaiming the fact that we have been deceived! And reverberations are beginning to be felt.
The rulers are fearful that once the herd is awaken by the realization of the truth, that a stampede of the herd is possible and that they may not be able to retain control over the herd. So the spin-doctors declare their justifications and excuses for the outbreaks of truths revealed, in the hope that their words are continued to be believed. But how long can lies be covered up with more lies? How much more truth is there that has yet to be uncovered from the depths of their Machiavellian cesspools? And will the human herd ever realize the full extent that it has been deceived?
It must be realized, at some point in our collective existence, that those that rule our society have different interests than do those that they rule. To maintain and protect those different interests the rulers created a political police force called the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The prime directive of the FBI is to defend the interests of the rulers by any means necessary. The FBI has become so accustom to following its prime directive that it even disregards the constitution when it does not need to.
The history of the FBI is a continuous process of spying on the American people and the suppression of dissentient and nonconformist activism. This has included every social movement that has existed since the creation of the FBI. Let no one have any doubts about the purpose and actions of America's Gestapo.
There are many good books out that give detailed accounts of the FBI's actions against
the labor movement, the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, the indigenous people's movement, the environmental movement and other movements. The Judi Bari lawsuit has revealed much information on the FBI's actions against Earth First! Here recently there has been a number of revelations come out about the FBI:
1. The FBI was unable to locate its mobster informant James Bulger who is accused of 19 murders.
2. They worked to send Joseph Salvati to prison for 30 years for a murder that he did not commit.
3. The crime lab scandal.
4. The withholding of evidence for decades on the Birmingham church bombing that killed four young black girls. Just think about that one for a moment. The FBI, following its prime directive, felt that it was in the interest of the rulers of our society to withhold and thus help cover-up the murder of four young girls. That alone should give you a good insight into the FBI's way of thinking and the values that guide their actions.
5. The FBI visited the Independent Media Center in Seattle looking for information that was published on a media web site and they came with a gag order to keep that media outlet from speaking about the visit or the investigation. What ever happened to the principle of freedom of the press to report on the activities of the government?
6. And now we have the information revealed that the FBI withheld documents in the McVeigh case. I don't have any sympathy for McVeigh who has confessed to mass murder, but this case does clearly shows that the FBI is so damn corrupt that it cannot even act right when they have everything going for them in a case.
There is a man who has been locked away from his family and people for over a quarter of a century for no other reason than he sought to defend his people from direct harm. His name is Leonard Peltier. Leonard is a victim of the interests of corporate greed
who wanted to steal more indigenous people's land for their profit making schemes. The corporate profiteers used the FBI, who followed their prime directive, to act in their interests to suppress those they saw as standing in the way of their purpose. It did not matter to the profiteers if the FBI lost any of its agents in the battle that they instigated, for they were just casualties in their war upon those who stood in the way and you can always blame those deaths on the victims who were just defending themselves. Blaming victims is a time-honored tradition in America.
After the Justus system failed the FBI in the first trial of the AIM defenders, the FBI set out to convict Leonard by any means necessary. That meant intimidating witnesses and fabricating evidence. In the early 1980s, Leonard's lawyers were able to gain some FBI files on Leonard's case. In those files proved that: Leonard did not fire the fatal shots and that the ballistics report that was used to show that Leonard had fired the fatal shots had been tamper with in order to tie Leonard directly to the deaths. The FBI intentionally withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense. The FBI agents had undenibly followed a red pickup truck into the encampment and not the red and white van that they stated they followed at his trial which was connected to Leonard. Without justification, the FBI forewarned the trial judge, who later warned the jury, of possible AIM violence and created a very prejudicial atmosphere in the courtroom. The FBI had Leonard under surveillance for a number of years because of his activism. The FBI considered AIM a threat to the U.S. Government and covertly tried to destroy the organization. And the FBI had been preparing for a paramilitary operation on Pine Ridge weeks before the shoot out occurred.
The FBI withheld over 6,000 pages of documents in Leonard's case in the classification of "national security". No one but the FBI has ever seen what is in all those documents. But given what was found in the documents that were released it could be assumed that there is more proof that Leonard is innocent and that the FBI violated the constitution in which the American people expect it to be bound to. In the first set of documents, one document was on the FBI's plan on paramilitary actions on Indian land,
Just for a moment image what must be in the documents they are withhold for "national security'? And all people should ask the simple question; whose security is the FBI trying to protect? It is very clear they are not out to protect the security of the American people!
For they are one of the main threats to that security.
The media has been in an uproar over the pages of documents withheld by the FBI in the McVeigh case; why is there not the same attention to the over 6,000 pages withheld in Leonard's case? Can it be said that the media has more concern about a white mass murderer than it is about a Native man who only stood up for his people? This seems to me to be a clear statement of the values of America's mass media.
But, we, the people, do not have to stand for this! It is far past time for the FBI to be held accountable for their actions. It is far past time for those 6,000 pages on Leonard's case to be release for the national security of we, the people. For as long as the FBI functions as a political police force our security is threaten.
1. Call and write congress people in your area and demand that the 6,000 pages of documents that the FBI is withholding be released. And ask them to hold hearing on the "Reign of Terror" on Pine Ridge.
2. Write letters to the editor about the uproar about the withheld documents in the McVeigh case and why there is not the same uproar about the withheld documents in Leonard's case?
3. Help organize around Peltier Awareness Month - June 2001
For more information on the Peltier defense campaign log on to: www.freepeltier.org.

Please organize protests at FBI Offices, U.S. Federal buildings, or outside of the U.S. at U.S. Embassies or Consulates. Make this a day when you organize for your own security and demand freedom for the 6,000 pages and for the end of the FBI being used as a political police force.

In The Spirit Of Total Resistance
Arthur J. Miller
NWLPSN—Tacoma Office

address: address: NWLPSN, P.O. BOX 5464, Tacoma, WA 98415-0464