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Open letter from Deivid's Thang to George www. Bush
Open Letter Form Deivid's Thang to George www. Bush

Mr. www. Bush,

As has been pointed out repeatedly by a substantially large cross-section of reasonably sane individuals, the Missile Defense System you are selling to the American public on behalf of the military industrial complex will undoubtedly set off a new arms race. This obvious response other nations will take up is reinforced all the more with the spaghetti-western type approach to foreign relations your administration has made trademark in just a mere hundred days. Is it any wonder the US was kicked off the UN Human Rights Committee? Let's face it, a lot of other countries don't much like the US right now, and often enough for good reason. You're certainly doing a fine job of advancing tensions with these countries so that a Missile Defense System might seem more palatable to a fearful American public. I assure you, the purpose of my writing this letter is not to implore you to take another route than the one Bill Clinton committed the US to in 1999, but to congratulate you as a salesman. You've got Americans everywhere whimpering and begging for the protection of your little skeet shooting system; protection from all these evil rogue countries, that could just as easily stick a bomb in a truck to get their point across and thus not have to face the music when the US decides to retaliate. Retaliate against whom? You wouldn't know. Hell, with every one so uptight about possible bombings on US soil I'm sure the industry will be pulling in the welfare for a long, long time. Or at least until someone really is stupid enough to bomb this country so that you in turn can blow it to hell and back a million times. Of course, that'll really freeze the economy, eh? Well, la-de-da, I'll let you get back to your video games. I hope you're staying off the sauce.

Deivid's Thang

Would you like a chance to congratulate George www. Bush on his work as a salesman for the Military Industrial Complex? Of course you would... email him @  http://dontblowit.policy.net/

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