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Mattole Defenders' Emergency Call For Volunteers, Convergence

"RED ALERT" called by Mattole Forest Defenders on 3rd Day of Logging. Emergency Call for Volunteers and Convergence.

Following more the a month of frequent police raids, Humboldt County Sheriffs and Pacific
Lumber/Maxxam are attempting to log in the Mattole Free State, 3000 acres of Douglas Fir old growth forests in Humboldt County, northern California. This marks the third consecutive day of logging. 20 trees were cut on Wednesday, an unknown number on Thursday. 5 to 6 known arrests have been made within the the last 48 hours.

Forest activists have been making a stand against ecologically devastating logging operations in this area since November. This morning at around 5 am, ten to fifteen police and logging vehicles were able to enter the area before multiple roads could be blockaded. Currently (7 am) most roads have been successfully blocked by lockboxs and arm-linking tactics, delaying the second wave of police. No word has been received from activists deeper in the woods on Rainbow Ridge who have committed to defending these ancient ecosystems through nonviolent direct action. 5 to 6 people are known to have been arrested within the last 24 hours.

MAXXAM corporation has closed two sawmills within the last week in what is suspected to be an attempt to repress workers and divide them against forest activists. This campaign is rapidly gaining momentum and our numbers and level of organizational sophistication are increasing daily, but many more people are needed. We have scheduled an action training camp May 18 - 24 and are calling for an emergency international convergence. Be as self-sufficient as possible. No dogs please.

We are in need of more people, walkie-talkie, CB and shortwave radios, climbing rope and gear, helmets and flexible, light-weight body padding (activists have been injured as a result of falls incurred while being chased by police on steep hillsides.), mountain bikes, a small (desktop) copy machine, and $$$$.
We will continue to post updates as the action unfolds.
In the spirit of autonomy and affinity!
In defense of Mother Earth!
Tierra y Libertad!

homepage: homepage: http://mattoledefense.org
phone: phone: 707-825-6598
address: address: PO BOX 28, Arcata CA 95521