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Got Tumors?

Beyond pasteurization...beyond digestion...all the IGF-1 a tumor needs to grow big and strong...
Got Tumors?
Got Tumors?

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And... 11.May.2001 14:16

Deivid's Thang deividsthang@saviorass.com

You know kids, among the 59 hormones you slug down in a glass of milk each day is a particular hormone known as IGF-1 (the Insulin-like Growth Factor). Amazingly, not only is this particluar hormone found in your milk, it's found in you. Yes, that's right, the very hormone!

Now, you want to grow up to be big and strong don't you? Of course you do. Well then, you'll need to drink a lot of milk, and you'll need to drink milk with a lot of IGF-1 won't you? Of course.

And that's why Monsanto created the rBGH formula. Roughly two-thirds of America's dairy cows are out there shooting up their rBGH and working round the clock to produce more IGF-1 laddened milk so that you can grow big and strong. Yes, with milk from rBGH-treated cows you get more IGF-1 for your money and more IGF-1 is exactly what you'll need to achieve that beautiful tumor-riddled obese figure you've always desired. Oh yeah, in fact a tumor can't even begin to grow properly without a good supply of IGF-1 in the body to help it all along.

So, drink up America and happy health!

Deivid's Thang

And by the way, for all the nasty bits on the dairy industry, www.notmilk.com. Thangkya.