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Vera Katz Declares War on Art, Community

Since all of the other serious problems facing Portland have been solved - you know, homelessness, hungry children, police brutality, etc - Mayor Katz has declared war on the evil scourge of our city: poster art on poles.
Sorry I don't have time to write this up myself today, but here are links to Wweek/Mercury stories that contain email address for public comments/feedback.


homepage: homepage: http://www.portlandmercury.com/current/city.html

what do we want our community to look like? 11.May.2001 02:27


please please send your comments to this guy and let the City know what your ideas of "livability," "aesthetics," and "visual pollution." i am disgusted by the fact that a major(and i think highly attractive) means we have of getting information out, communicating with each other is being characterized as a "constant irritant" to community members. i have no idea what people they're talking about who somehow see this as a form of visual pollution, but i hope those who are more concerned about giant corporate billboards covering our cityscape will get their word in. it makes zero sense to me that i can be arrested for posting a flyer promoting some social justice forum in the only space that i can afford(ie free) while 60 foot television screens scream at me to consume. if "the main issue is that people consider this a form of visual pollution," then we need some real community discussion and decision-making on what we want our city to look like, as opposed to the Mayor and City Council stating that this is what "people" and "community members" want.

"Katz asked Hugh McDowell, Graffiti
Prevention Coordinator for the City of Portland, to
facilitate the postering removal. In the next few
weeks, McDowell will develop a plan based on
community suggestions, a plan which he will submit
to City Council for review after six months of
community suggestions."

Hugh McDowell, Graffiti Prevention Coordinator for the City of Portland, encourages all community members to voice their suggestions: email  hmcdowell@ci.portland.or.us, or call 503-823-5860.

My comment is on the nearest telephone pole 11.May.2001 10:58


The best way to comment on this newest silliness by the mayor is to make some cool posters - political,'art', or just an ad for your band - and put them up all around town.
The mayor lives downtown. Please don't discriminate against downtown residents. Put some there also.
I've noticed a lack of good graffiti downtown lately,also. Please correct this.