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Seattle APC Summit - Six Arrests, More Protests May 10th

More APC Summit Protests

MAY 10 AT 7 AM

A large group of over a dozen free expression, housing, civil rights, fair trade and youth and music organizations will be protesting the restrictive policies of Seattle City Attorney Mark Sidran at 7 AM Thursday May 10th outside the Westin Hotel during the kick-off of his mayoral campaign event.

Given police activity resulting in six arrests associated with recent Aisa Pacific Cities Summit protests, SPD police are sure to have a big presence at the Westin Hotel to discourage any disturbances involved with Sidran's campaign event and the summit which is still officially in session until May 12th, according to the APC Summit website(www.apsummit.org - look at the bottom of the agenda.). Legal observers
from the National Lawyers Guild will be on hand to watch the demonstration.

Supposedly, there is a still a regional pollution and sutainability conference going on as part of the APC summit events which includes coordinated conferences in Vancouver BC and Portland, Oregon. Some anti-corporate globalization protesters plan to use this as an opportunity to hold a vigil for demonstrators who were arrested at mostly peaceful protests yesterday at the Westin and on Broadway and to show solidarity with protests against the APEC Asia Development Bank conference which began May 9th in Honolulu.

Groups sponsoring the anti-Sidran demonstration list five different city ordinances which Sidran backed that they claim were restrictions on people's civil rights, including the Added Activities Ordinance which was thrown out by a district court as unconstitutional. Sidran's stands on homelessness, political protests and civil rights issues have glavanized a committed coalition of Seattle area community organizations who are opposed to his candidacy.

Groups and individuals involved in organizing the protest will include Free Speech Seattle, Community Action Network, Committee For Government Accountability, MYAPAC, APC Summit Anti-Corporate Globalization Coalition, Free Expression Working Group of the Seattle Green Party, Students For Fair Trade, People's Coalition For Justice, People's Assembly, Jim Page, Jean Buskin, Dick Burton, local labor union members, Livable Wage Campaign, Real Change, Seattle Displacement Coalition and over 45 local community activists.

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