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FTAA Action Meeting this Thursday, May 10, 7pm SEIU Hall

Come help stop the FTAA
(Free Trade Area of the Americas)
Thursday, May 10, 7pm
SEIU Hall--3536 SE 26th
(just South of Powell)
Following up on the wildly successful April 21 March, the FTAA Action Committee has called this special meeting to sketch out or next steps--come find out how to plug in and give your input.

Some possible ideas:
**Keep the Pressure on Congress (rallies, meetings with reps, other actions)
**Rapid Response--prepare to hit the streets when the Fast Track vote comes up
**Mobilize for Related Struggles/Outreach on FTAA
**Pressure Corporate Poster Child of Free Trade
**Other Ideas??

Open to anyone interested in working on these issues, or anyone who just wants to find out more about how they can help!

phone: phone: 503-236-7916

APC leaders to be PDX the 10th, 11th or 12th 08.May.2001 08:50


SOrt of trade related, but more locally focused are the talks happening in Seattle right now... not FTAA persay, but IMF related, and so connected in that way....

So people might want to discuss the coming meeting scheduled here in Portland to meet on "sustainability" and "development" issues after the APC conference is done in Seattle. So far all that is known is that meetings are scheduled after this Seattle conference in Vancouver and Portland, but no definite time/place/days have been announced, only that the last 3 days of the May 6-12th conference will be held in Vancouver & Portland.