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police / legal indigenous day


it started in denver. it will end in denver.

On October 6th through the 8th there will be an ongoing series of events against the columbus day parade and moreover against colonialism and imperialism in Denver, Colorado. American Indian Movement, along with the Direct Action Network, Barrio Warriors and many other activist groups will be trying to, as much as possible, transform columbus day into a festival of resistance in the streets. After the massive police repression from last year when 1000 people protested columbus day, we have chosen to organize our own revolutionary-anti-imperialist bloc.

The Columbus Day Parade is a celebration of genocide, of imperialism, of racism, and the deep roots of what is now being called globalization or neoCOLONIALISM. It is the landing of Columbus which began the systematic annihilation of all things wild, and began a culture of domination and hierarchy in the Americas.

We are calling for a large scale international mobilization of all stripes of anti-authoritarian anti-imperialist revolutionaries to descend on Denver, Colorado in a bloc and help finally end Columbus day. We feel it is imperative to offer not only a critique of columbus day but of all forms of colonialism and imperialism and hierarchy and also to offer the revolutionary vision that advocates the radical transformation of society based on pure freedom, mutual aid, direct democracy, and autonomous community. a society where there would be no columbus day.

We feel it is important that each group has it's own power to organize autonomously.

We recognize a diversity of tactics, and would like mutual respect for all.

We wish for a giant carnival against colonialism to erupt and end any hope that there could ever be another columbus day.

The columbus day parade started in Denver, and it will end in Denver.

for all your anti-imperialist desires and dreams. for hope of a new world.
join us!

solidarity and freedom.

RAIB (Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Bloc)