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Suggestion for IMC from Mike Albert

Suggestion for IMC from Mike Albert essay, "New Targets", from Z Magazine
Indymedia is an amazing and glorious outgrowth of the anti-globalization project. But what if these new organizations located all around the world, were to take up a second agenda? They are now committed and should remain committed to finding new ways to convey dissenting information to local audiences. That priority should not stop nor diminish. But what about also becoming the nuclei around which activism against mainstream media can gel? What about indymedia organizations sponsoring regional gatherings that set up organizing projects to raise consciousness about mainstream media and to then plan and carry out mass rallies and other demonstrations directed at mainstream media? Wouldn't that add a new dimension, a new set of focuses, and a whole new tone and dynamic to our movement?
Is jeff bell guilty of murder 06.May.2001 05:30


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