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Fellow Warrior Sues Feds in Seattle for Civil Rights Abuses (UPDATED)

how dare them (fbi) attack the character of any indymedia people or the movement! new updates! more comming soon!
The abuses of these people never ceases to amaze me. The arrogance, cold blooded attitude. We must never give up our principles. Like always some of the Lawyers are trying to keep the truth out of court. What else is new. Check out my link and if you've been there before click on Current Updates To my Lawsuit. Please all of you watch your backs! Is this the time to remember the Three Musketeer's and say "ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL"?!

homepage: homepage: http://WWW.THELASTAMERICANWARRIORS.COM
phone: phone: 206-365-3572
address: address: 843 NW 97th St, Seattle WA 98117