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Activists In Seattle Begin Demonstrations - Call For Regional Convergence On Asia Pacific Cities Summit May 6 - 10th
Today(May 5th)Protesters In Seattle Staged A Demonstration Inside A Supermarket Against Genetically Engineered Food.

In the rich suburb of Bellevue, anti-biothech activists held up supermarket clerk lines as they filled up their carts with groceries and then demanded to know which foods were genetically altered. Of course no one could tell them since the US does not require labling.

Later in the day, activists staged a mock political theater event in which they tied an 11 year - old child to a tree and complained about the use of children in sweatshops outside Nike Town in downtown Seattle. Groups handed out literature on sweatshop labor.

A press conference and teach-in on corporate globalization was held at the Seattle IMC at 4 PM. The events were sponsored by Students For Fair Trade, the People's Assembly and the Committee For Government Accountability.

Sign-making parties and meetings will go on into the night.
Activists hope to hear news from the Hawaii protests soon.
A call has gone out to cities involved in the summit from Vancouver BC to Portland for a convergence at the Westin Hotel beginning May 6 with a march at 6:30 PM sponsored by Students For Fair Trade.


The APC Anti-Corporate Globalization Coalition and Other Groups Are Planning Events For The Week of May 5 - 12th

Events have been added to the week of activism scheduled around the
Asia Pacific Cities Summit in Seattle, including:

Saturday May 5th 4 PM - Teach-in: "The APC Summit's Hidden Agenda"
People's Assembly, Students For Fair Trade and the Committee For Government Accountability are sponsoring a press conference and teach-in for members of the community and media surrounding issues of corporate globalization and privatization. Seattle Independent Media Center (1415 3rd Ave) 262 0721.

Sunday May 6th 4 PM - Activist Party and Open House at Community Action Network(10th & Prospect on Capitol Hill) 632-1656. Networking and organizing opportunity for activists. Help welcome CAN to Capitol Hill!

Sunday May 6th 6:30 PM - Protest March Against Corporate Globalization Sponsored by Students For Fair Trade. Students plan to march from Westlake Center
(4th and Pine) to the Westin Hotel(1900 5th Ave) where demonstrators will gather for the opening session of the APC ummit for their own "People's Summit" outside the hotel where the conference is being held. There will be speakers addressing corporate globalization and privatization of public services as well as other issues. There will be music and free food. (955-6037)

Monday May 7th 1 PM - Demonstration Against Biotechnology- GMO's, genetically altered food and environmental degredation will not be the topic of discussion during the pleanery session on promoting biotechnology in your local community. Outside the Westin Hotel groups will be discussing this issue at a grassroots rally.(329-7413)

Monday May 7th 7:00 PM - Organizing Party and Meeting for building a coalition to oppose City Attorney Mark Sidran in his run for Mayor of Seattle at the Community Action Network(10th and Prospect) at 5 PM on May 7th (632-1656) at 7:30 PM. This will be. Their website can be found at http;//www.iherns.com/dc/

Tuesday May 8th 10 AM - March and Mass Convergence on the Westin Hotel during the plenary session on "partnerships with the World Bank and APEC". Marchers will be meeting at Westlake Center. This is also a solidarity protest with major demonstrators in Honolulu against the APEC Asian Development Bank conference. (955-6037)

Tuesday May 8th 6 PM - A "Progressive Community Potluck" will be held in Ballard at the Trinity United Church at 6 PM on 6May 8th (632-7828) Accessible by metro buses # 18 & 75.  seattlepotluck@yahoo.com

Thursday May 10th 7 AM - Demonstrations Against Mark Sidran's Candidacy For Mayor Of Seattle will be held outside the Westin Hotel during his campaign kick-off event at the Westin during the continuing APC Summit events. Join the very large coalition of local activists who view his candidacy as a major threat to civil rights.
There will be a rally and speakers from a variety of perspectives, from youth and music groups to free speech advocates and civl rights activists.(329-7413)

The following Information Regarding The Asia Pacific Cities Summit Official Agenda Comes From The APC Summit Website At www.apsummit.org

Wednesday, May 9, 2001

City Tours and Business Programs
(No Information Available)

On Tuesday, May 8th APC delegates will travel to other sites:

1:30 pm Traveling Workshops/Site visits

Boeing Site Visit: Presentation on the high tech aerospace industry and tour of the Boeing 747 plant, Everett, Washington.
Microsoft Campus: New technologies of the future and tour of Home of the Future.
University of Washington Site Visit: Stops will include the Washington Technology Center; Human Interface Technology Laboratory; Human Genome Project; Center for Mind, Brain and Learning; and the Neptune Project. The Neptune project is a plan to lay a 3,000-km network of fiber-optic and power cables in the Northeast Pacific Ocean.

7:00 pm Final Dinner, Westin Hotel

Welcome: The Honorable Paul Schell, Mayor of Seattle
Keynote Speaker: Mr. Phil Condit, Boeing Chairman and CEO
Presentation of Communiqué: Mayor Paul Schell
Welcome to 2003 Summit: Lord Mayor Jim Soorley

Wednesday, May 9, 2001

City Tours and Business Programs
(No Information Available)

May 9 -12, 2001 APC Pollution Summit

Post Summit Program on Pollution Prevention The Pacific Northwest Economic Region and the partners of the Clean Cities Group have organized four days of pollution prevention and related issues. Activities will take place in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver, BC.

For more information see the web site at www.cleancities.net, or contact Burton Hamner, Workshop Director, email:  bhamner@cleansities.net, or phone: (206) 443-7723, or fax: (206) 443-7703.

For further information please contact:

Keith Orton, Chief International Specialist
Office of Intergovernmental Relations
City of Seattle
Phone: (206) 684-8851
Fax: (206) 684-8267
Email:  apcs@ci.seattle.wa.us

homepage: homepage: http://www.seattleindymedia.org
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