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Mejia Poot rally photos (1)

rally photos part 1 of 3
Mejia Poot rally photos (1)
Mejia Poot rally photos (1)
Thanks 05.May.2001 23:00


These are some powerful photos. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Families Need to Appear at Actions 07.May.2001 10:14

milo milonrosie@qwest.net

I was so pleased to see how many families with children were at the rally on Saturday. The red headed girl in the top photo is my daughter. If you want to give your kids a civics lesson, and break the corp media stereotype that the only folks who show up at actions are pierced, rich white kids...here's how to do it.

My daugher was extremely concerned with the events leading up to the death of this abused man, and we explained to her as clearly as we could all the facts in this case. Not only are the police endangering citizens through the excessive use of force, but they are endangering children by eroding their trust in law enforcement officers. Do you really think now she would ask a policeman for help?

Portland Police Solutions 31.May.2001 23:21

Jonathan R. portlandfeedback@yahoo.com

Dear Fellow Citizens of Portland,
Abuse by law enforcement officers in the United States is one of the most divisive human rights violations that exists for Americans today. Violations as such have persisted in Portland and have lately seemed to become worse. From last year's May Day protest that turned ugly, to the April 1st brutal killing of Jose Mejia Poot, many questionable events have occurred lately that have been clearly in violation of the victim's personal rights as citizens. Portland Police, like police in other cities, have an integrated subculture of officers who disregard human rights and are verbally and/or physically abusive of members of the general population. Portland police receive about 600 complaints a year and since 1990, Portland police have shot over 25 people, the majority of them fatally.
In order that we help Portland become a safer place for our citizens, It's time that we do something about the current situation by writing letters. Police Internal Investigations Auditing Committee (PIIAC), which in its current state, does not have enough power to be effective. What you can do . . .
Write to Vera Katz . .

Office of the Mayor 1221 SW Fourth Avenue
Suite 340
Portland, Oregon 97204
. . . and tell her that you want the PIIAC changed to an independent citizen review board that is independent of the police board. We must urge for an appointed board with a team of paid, non-police-affiliated investigators that take complaints received by civilians, not police officers.
Also urge for Portland's police department to create and utilize "early warning" or "at-risk" systems to identify officers who are the subject of repeated complaints or civil lawsuits alleging misconduct. A small percentage of officers often taint an entire police force because police superiors do not act to hold them accountable by supervising, disciplining, or dismissing them when appropriate. An effective early warning system could make a difference.
I'm circulating this as a project for school and I thank you for your cooperation. For further information please visit Portland Copwatch (www.portlandcopwatch.org) or the PIIAC website ( http://www.ci.portland.or.us/mayor/piiac/).
For feedback on this flyer send e-mail to  portlandfeedback@yahoo.com