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Fight Major League Baseball

There are active and prominent people in the Portland community attempting to bring Major League Baseball to Portland mostly at the city's expense. We need to organize opposition to this frivolous and wasteful spending of public money. Portland needs vital community services, not a Corporate baseball Stadium.
There are active and prominent people in the Portland community attempting to bring Major League Baseball to Portland mostly at the city's expense. This would result in huge costs for the city and probably the state, most likely resulting in money being diverted from social programs and spending on government services.

The owner of the team would most likely be some ultra-rich corporate millionaire, who would convince the city to pay for the park, and then take all the profits to buy a few extra Ford Expeditions and contribute to George W's re-election campaign.

I can't see how Major League baseball would do anything really valuable for the city, or help to foster the kind of liveable and alternative type of culture that Portland has struggled to create.

Right now I am trying to gauge who would be interested in forming an opposition group to try and monitor this issue and figure out what we could do to oppose it. Or at least try and prevent any attempts at having the city pay for these costs or divert money from more deserving programs.

Please send me email at  ju9piter@yahoo.com if you are interested in this issue or know anything about it. Perhaps the next step would be to have an organizational meeting.

phone: phone: 503-284-6732

activists can be sports fans too 04.May.2001 17:29


Sports can actually be a good way of bringing people of different backgrounds together, as long as ticket prices are kept low. Major league baseball would be quite fun!

Not On My Dime 04.May.2001 20:46

milo milonrosie@qwest.net

Can anybody find a better use for $150,000,000.00 than giving it to a private, for profit corporation that will market it's logo on sweatshop made goods? If the city wants to give money away? I know Camp Dignity could use a little. Any other suggestions of ways to spend this money that will "bring people together"?

Absolutely! 04.May.2001 20:51


Not on my dime! for all the $$ those ball-whackers get paid?

There are many other creat causes who could use money.

Gah.. 04.May.2001 21:20

Jera jaqsie@yahoo.com

But.. But..
Then Portland won't be PRETTY. The same thing if we cut the funding for all of those nifty STREET CARS they want to put up. Just what we need. :P. Our officials are only conserned with making this city prettier.. so they can win more awards.


Baseball is a great thing. 05.May.2001 14:50


One has to seperate the great game of baseball from the capitalist logic which is killing it along with the rest of us. To oppose bringing a major league team to Portland is petty and wrongheaded at best.

Certainly we should not pay for it, or underwrite some capitalist's profit making scheme. But alternative routes have been suggested. One is to tax player's saleries to bring revenue to Portland. A better idea is to tax the profits of the owners.

There's nothing like taking in a ball game. You'll appear like puritans to oppose this. Instead seek a route which won't pit bringing baseball here against spending for social services and infrastructure.

Down With Capitalism and Up With Baseball!
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