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Portland Zine Symposium

Support independent media! Explore creative
resistance! Make art with other zinesters! Examine
important issues relevant to zine culture! Swap zines
with many other zinesters! Hang out in the beautiful
The Portland Zine Symposium is a two day
conference and zine social taking place in Portland,
Oregon on July 14th and 15th, 2001. The weekend will
include workshops, discussions, a community dinner and
open mic night plus ample time to network, sell and
trade zines. This event aims to create greater
communication and community between many different
types of zinesters as well as share skills and
information related to zines and zine culture.
Through hands on and discussion based workshops the
conference will examination the role and effect of all
types of zines in underground and mainstream culture.
Currently, the Symposium organizers are accepting
workshop proposals and facilitators. Volunteers are
also needed to help with conference planning,
coordination, and promotion. Please email
 portlandzinesymposium@hotmail.com for more