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Radical Art

a very unique night of
performance of art of many kinds, next thurday, May
10th, at the Meow Meow (SE 5th and Pine), starting at
8pm. The cost is $5-10, it is a donation and is a
sliding scale.
The Radical Art Girls, a mixed gender
feminist art collective, is hosting a Gallery Night
Extravaganza. There will be something for everyone,
that I can assure you. It would be great to see many
friends and supporters there as we have worked so hard
to put this all together and it will be really fun!
Here is somemore information about the performers:
The gallery night extravaganza will feature a variety
of performances and visual art by collective members.
Bands include: Halo Altera, dancy bass, vocals and
drum machine lovin', Hyperion, just a rock band with
Julie, Joy and Hayley, I Spy, top secret cello and
guitar, Sad Characters, classic, sad rock sans
pretension, Kunda-Mah, energetic and political guitar
rock with a keyboard for emphasis, and MT and the
Space Tigers, tigers in saucers hovering over early
90's D.C. and early 80's U.K. Readers Joy, Hayley,
Eleanor, Elaine and Korinna will present a variety of
pieces, ranging from prose poetry, personal musings
and political essays. Visual art will include mail
art, various collage and mixed media pieces, letter
press artist books and art zines, photography,
paintings, tin foil sculptures and dolls. Tya Branham
will present her short film "What's You Frequency",
the first in a series of films exploring massive
amounts of communication. Erin McLaughlin will
perform her "Erin Likes Girls" performances piece and
the RAG squad cheerleaders will encourage the audience
to "Take action! Make Art!". The gallery night
extravaganza promises to be a unique showcase of
engaging art pieces.
tya? 17.May.2005 19:26

from Heather starjiggy@yahoo.com

Tya? Is it you? Where have you been! I was bored, so I was searching online and I thought, Hey I'll try to find Tya!! Please contact me in some way! please!