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Update on Black Bloc action at Evergreen State College

Update on last months anti-Sodexho Marriott Black Bloc action at the Evergreen STate College in Olympia, WA
As you may have heard the union buster and private prison owning corporation Sodexho-Marriott visited the Evergreen State College (TESC) in Olympia Washington a few weeks back ro talk with students about their plans to bid for a 7 year food service contract at the college to begin next year.

They were greeted by 50 students and community members in full masks, camouflage, and black clothing. A statement was read essentially telling Sodexho to leave immediately and never come back. We warned that we and hundreds of other students would make their stay at TESC hell if they got the contract.

Following this action the college immediately announced a criminal investigation into the events and released an absurdly inflammatory letter to all faculty staff and students condemning the action, hysterically exaggeratng the event, and comparing the tactics of the group to those of "hate groups".

Following letters of support for the protesters actions from about a dozen faculty, the college has called off the criminal investigation, although it is still threatening to use campus grievance procedures. As far as is known they have very few leads. It is unclear whether the Sodexho representative will try to initatiate a criminal investigation.

The Good News: Sodexho annouced briefly after the action that they would not be bidding on the contract. The college's current food service provider "Fine Host" also annouced that they would not bid citing an "anti-corporate cliamte" at the college! Unfortunately the food service will likely still go to a corporation, but we will at least have a lesser of two evils and the college will hopefully realize that student unrest over campus issues will not cease until students, workers, and faculty assume complete control of the college's management and operations! Lets here it for militant direct action!

Sorry that no photos have been posted yet from this action - obviously many were concerned that they would put people at risk of prosecution. Hopefully they will still come out at some point.

Contact  stopmarriott@hotmail.com for more info...
Solidarity 04.May.2001 10:59


Right on! This is a great example of solidarity and direct action having a real, tangible result. We can only hope the same for Aramark here in Portland, OR at PSU . . .