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Looking for May Day Audio for Global IMC Radio Project

The Global IMC Audio team is putting together a special radio program about May Day, and Portland is getting ready to contribute. If you recorded audio or shot video with a good audio track, contact  pdxindyaudio@ziplip.com before Saturday to contribute.
<annoucement on IMC Audio and IMC Headlines lists, if you are interested in the scope of the project>


I just want to make sure everyone on this list who is
interested in imc audio teams producing half hour news
programs is on the imc-audio list. We have been
discussing them there and produced three weeks of FTAA
news shows and are now producing one with a MayDay
focus. If you want to be involved with this show
either as the producer of a segment, a script writer
or a text editor that would be wonderful, email me for
more information. It is being put together on Sunday
so things should be uploaded to radio.indymedia.org by
Saturday night.

If anyone can help write script for the half hour show
that would be wonderful. We especially need short
scripts about MayDay protests which we didn't have
anyone covering, that would be Europe (London
[although we may have a story], France, and Germany
especially), Asia, Africa?, Central and South America.
So far we have confirmed reports from Melbourne,
Australia; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco,
California; Seattle, Washington; Toronto, Ontario; and
possible stories from Houston, Texas; Montreal,
Quebec; I also asked but have had no reply from people
in Mexico City, London and Chicago.

Also if people want to write headlines about issues
recently in the news they feel are important that
could be useful too.

< audiowitch@yahoo.com>