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mi long beach

mayday in long beach
Date: Wed, 02 May 2001 06:50:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: SIUHIN@a...

**Urgent! Cops Brutality Against Long Beach May Day Protesters, Over 60

May Day March in Long Beach, CA turn ugly by police brutality! latest count
was over 60 arrested. Bail bound had been set for $500 for most protesters,
but some had charged for attacking police and set their bail for $25,000!

WE need to react immediately to help those who had been arrested! we need
activists and lawyers to offer their help and support!

For legal support hotline, please contact: (562)437-4300

Please also contact Long Beach authority to raise your concern on Long Beach
police conduct, and demand immediately release all protesters and drop their

Long Beach Mayor Office: (562)750-6801

Long Beach Police Department: (562)435-6711

Long Beach District Attorney Office: (562)491-6301

What i saw in long beach
by * 2:34am Wed May 2 '01

Long Beach was one of the more violent police offensives I have seen yet and
I hope all the people involved are ok.

When I got there, most of the people were going to march with the black bloc.
They all finally joined up and started the move down the street. Once at the
end of the street, they turned around and went head-to-head marching against
the police in riot gear. A few people were hit, but the police began to back

The Bloc continues marching in the streets and the police followed and
eventually surrounded them. They reached the front of that building (i forget
what it was for) and the police pushed them towards it. I saw people being
pushed into the Bloc who were not masked and who were obviously observing.

Once the cops had them cornered they stopped pedestrians and supporters on
the sidewalks and then began shooting what I believe were rubber bullets at
the protesters.

Everything was very close range and I'm sure people were hurt. Bystanders who
had no idea what Mayday was about were very alarmed at the "cops shooting
kids for no reason".

One man ran out of the bloc with his hands in the air and was shot at. He was
not masked or wearing black. To be honest, he just looked like a scared man
trying to get out of the ruckus.

Things just went to shit because the cops went crazy and nearly everyone in
the bloc was getting arrested.

From what I understand, the cops made an effort to get protesters into an
underground parking garage. Nobody was ok with this (of course) so they
stayed up top. Cops outnumbered protesters by at least 3 to 1.

I may not be articulating this all very well but it was all very disturbing
and violent.

Not many people seem to know about what went on because the indymedia
presence was slim and the corporate media was laughing it up with the cops.

There are a lot of people in jail right now who were put there for no reason.
A lot of people were hurt today so I would encourage you to spread the word.

--The End--
photos 03.May.2001 01:47

O. Range and Davila

plgerised from O. Range and Davila