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New PDX Bike Advocacy Group

This is a public announcement for the first meeting of a new local bike
advocacy working group:
~ Do you want the police to be arresting BAD DRIVERS instead of
~ Would you like to see a Portland CAR-FREE Day, or have some
car-free dowtown streets?
~ Do you want to see Portland building an INFRASTRUCTURE that's just
as efficient for pedestrians and cyclists as it is for cars?

You're not alone! (In fact, there's quite a few of us...) This is a
call for an EXPLORATORY MEETING of citizens who want to organize around
these and other SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION issues. Please spread the
word and come to:

:: Portland Ad Hoc Bike Activism Working Group (PAHBAWG?) Exploratory
:: Monday, May 7th, 7:30pm
:: @ The Red & Black Cafe, 2138 SE Division

This is an OPEN MEETING for anyone and everyone who wants to organize
around our long-term needs as Portland cyclists and pedestrians, and the
real sustainablity needs of our society and the planet.

There is NO SET AGENDA for this meeting beyond a facilitated framework
to collect everyone's thoughts, get a sense of what we Portland cyclists
are wanting to do, and set down next steps (which could include anything
from forming a new organization to scheduling a summer bike party).
Please bring your ideas, dreams and calendars!

There will be a FACILITATOR to help us both move through this process
and ensure that everyone's voice is heard.

Contact Daniel Lerch at  dlerch@bigfoot.com (or 503-235-8946) for more info.

phone: phone: 503-235-8946