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Critical Masses on May Day

In Portland, bicycle enthusiasts ended the May Day celebrations with a bike ride throughout downtown.
They rode boldly, as traffic, going as far as to take over all of Burnside's East-bound lanes. It didn't take a permit, it didn't take force: it took the glee of about 15-20 people on bikes.

Bells were rung, hands waved at passers-by and there were smiles all around. As folks shouted "One less car!, a participant with a bear hat on squeaked, "One more bear!".

Unfortunately, in Seattle things did not go so smoothly.

Several people in the group of about 50 were riding
either topless, partially naked or compeltely naked.
After about an hour of peacefull riding with no police
escort or harrassment, we were surrounded by about 10
bike cops at 5th and Pine. They immediatly charged
into the crowd, violently pulling people off of bikes,
throwing them to the ground, pushing them into and
through other riders, and were taken into custody. At
least 1 clothed person was violently attacked by
several officers for "obstruction", while she
maintained and peacefully voiced her right to be on a
sidewalk, bearing witness to the scene.

At this point, everyone is still in custody, and we
are working on jail support to identify charges,
collect witnesses, photographs, contact lawyers, and
get everyone out. There were several juveniles in the
group, and there were both males and females, so
hopefully nobody will be isolated.

Jail support and press work is being done out of the
Community Action Network Office, if you are a witness,
have photos, legal help, or can help with potential
bail money, please contact  losinghand@yahoo.com, or
call Matt at 206-568-7110. Please don't call just for
info, email instead.