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pics of riot cops

the police did keep thier distance but it was interesting that they were still on standby and that state troopers where involved. seemed a bit much.
pics of riot cops
pics of riot cops
AT 7:51 pm they where still thier 4th and salmon and 5th and columbia. their will be more to come in the next few days I hope. but all and all things where mellow and I guess we don't have to sue the city for repeated violations of right to assemble. may be they should have kept thier word last year.
Police lie by habit 02.May.2001 10:37


About 10:00 A.M. May 1st I saw several groups of police practicing on bicycles in the parking lot area of the Oregon Zoo. I asked a Beaverton policeman on a bike if these drills had anything to do with May Day. He denied the connection with May Day, claiming that the exercises were "pre-planned practice manuevers with other police departments, including Seaside's. I made a comment about how the Seaside's over-aggressive police at spring break could use a little practice in how to behave around people.
The bicycle police's bald-faced lies about having anything to do with May Day was so silly that they were almost cute.