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2 buses and riot trucks???

did they move in?
after we marched into PSU, it didn't seem to organized and I got bored standing around watching guys breakdance...
as i was walking back down broadway, I came up upon 2 big buses a few patrol trucks, a riot police truck, and they were filled with riot police in full uniform.
my immediate reaction was 'shit, they're moving in!'

as i continued down the street, i wondered if they were gonna move in on the party. when i turned back to look, the buses and trucks were gone.
did they move in and break up the party?

overall, it was very peaceful...
and i must say i had a fun time.

happy mayday!!

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Party at PSU still going on as of 8:05 PM 01.May.2001 20:11

The Rearguard

It is 8:05 PM and the party is still going on. We did hear Campus Safety saying that they were going to go in to brake up the party, but nothing has happened yet. We will let you know if anything happens.

The Rearguard

I saw them too 01.May.2001 21:19


I saw them too only at the coliseum on the east side of the river. I stopped and asked them "whats up? Why the tank and the all the cops?" (which by the way were mostly state troopers) He said and I quote "for May Day, a big waste of taxpayers money" This was at 8:45ish pm. They were clearly standing down.

And you walked away???? 02.May.2001 02:21


Portland May Day organizers deserve a lot of thanks and credit for the principled stance they took to defy the City Council and the police. That is why the police were not present in massive numbers at the march.
It should have been known though, by everyone attending the event that large numbers of police were on stand-by in the downtown area. This was reported in the major media well before the event. It was also the subject of major photo displays in the Oregonian and the Tribune when the formation of the Rapid Response Team was announced months ago.
What can you do when you see large groups of police massed and ready to rumble?
You don't just walk away.
It would have been a simple matter for matchboy or any other person to walk back to the rally and calmly inform the organizers - who were visible throughout - of the sighting. Then decisions could be made as to a response.
As it happened, some people did that. But next time the police may attack, as they did last year.
How would you feel then, matchboy, if you saw a world of trouble heading towards your friends and didn't tell them about it?
I want to celebrate many more May Days. But until there are no cops, not just until the cops stay away, let's take care of each other's backs.

didnt feel any major threat 02.May.2001 06:37

matchboy robby@matchboy.net

sorry that i left everyone...
The cops looked pretty relaxed, and i figured that they would have stopped me if they were gonna do anything.
luckily this time, my gut instincts were right.

great fire show 02.May.2001 11:32


Well you definately missed out BIG TIME by leaving PSU early. Much later, when almost everyone had dispersed, the <a href=" http://www.infernalnoise.org">Infernal Noise Brigade</a> put on a most excellent fire show -- twice!!

There were two girls, one with a baton who did fire twirling, eating, skin burning, breathing (HUGE cloud of fire -- you could really feel the heat!) and another girl doing fire twirling with what looked like flaming tin cans on chains. Both were very talented and very excellent.