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Don't Forget the Simple Daily Activism

Since my local community college has been selling my name out to highest bidders (in order to "stay competitive"), I've been making a point of answering ALL of the telemarketers in order to waste their company's time and give a message directly to its employee. I also mail messages in with the "no postage..." envelopes they send with the unsolicited junk mail.
To the individual who has opened this letter,(when on the phone be sure to use the person's name.)

It is at your company's expense and trouble that I take this time to respond to this unsolicited junk mail/phone call that was addressed to my house.

My friend, you are wasting your time and your life. Because of the greed and the avarice of people at the top of companies like yours, the very ideas of civil liberty, justice, and unity are being undermined so that a privileged few may maintain wealth and power, the likes of which I, a common person, cannot begin to imagine. You are better than they are.

The "Free Market" that allows them to use any inhuman practice in order to secure profits has allowed the white-collar criminals of the World take over Governments and subvert freedom and ruin the concept of democratic Independence.

If you truly believe that you are not to blame for the problems of poverty, domestic abuse, and unemployment, then you are truly lost. You must understand that you have to take responsibility for your own actions when they are related to the real pain and suffering in the world (not the fiction seen on the nightly news). You have to understand that money is not the answer to everything for everybody! I know that sounds crazy given the apparent cultural beliefs that seem to prevail, but I am talking about Rational Reality, not irrational, unexamined values.

I know you are really a creative person. And my goal is to make everyone's creativity work for everybody and everything.

I am concerned for you, because I know you are only working a job to make a meager living to support your family. I am in the same situation, however, I refuse to behave according to the ideas and values of others. I pity you because, working a job like yours, you may not know what real power and self-esteem feels like.

You, however, are in a perfect position to help other common people who seek true freedom and interdependence! In the bags of mail that this letter arrived with are hundreds, possibly thousands of pleas for help from people that may not understand that they are sheep preparing themselves for the wolves!

You have the power to help more people than you can imagine by "losing" some of those letters. I understand that you cannot lose all of them, else your bosses will come down on you, so you must do a few at a time everyday.

As for your company, you are part of the problem. You are causing children to go hungry, mothers to prostitute, and fathers to drink. As for me, I take that very seriously. You, however, shall take it up with your Conscience.

anyone else think this sounds a little snotty 29.Apr.2001 18:59

reality check

i dunno--i'm trying to build a movement, not alienate every working stiff with this kind of "i pity you" rhetoric

it kind of reminds me of the guy who yelled at a good friend of mine during the anti-ftaa march

my friend is a locked-out steelworker who is extremely committed to the struggle, and happens to drive an suv, he's a big guy, and has trouble marching long distances--he was downtown for the rally, but hopped in his car before the march

so all of sudden, this dude is yelling at him, flipping him off, saying something about "you're killing the planet"

sorry, but i think people need to get off their narrow-minded, self righteous revolutionary trips, and try to reach out to people, not alienate them with condescending crap--most people do happen to watch the nightly news, and may not "get it" enough for some of us...but if we are open-minded, most of our audience will be too

let's try to reach out to people without assuming that they are the enemy, or deserve our pity, or are too stupid to realize how they're getting screwed--chances are that they already support the same things you do, but are turned off by confrontational rhetoric

reality check is right on 29.Apr.2001 20:19

be rational

Thanks to reality check for the rational and insightful comments. Political/societal change can only come about by reaching out to others, not by being condescending or developing a holier-than-thou attitude.