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corporate dominance

Put economic pressure on the Bush administration. Pass the word.


I advocate using economic pressure to foil and get rid of the Republican Party.
That's basically what we have left since Democrats do not have control of any branch
of government. People used economic pressure to bring down the British in India in 1947,
South Africa's National Party in the 1990's and hopefully the Republican Party
in our country in 2001.

I cannot do this alone. Please forward this message to as many people as you can
in the LEFT of center coalition including labor, abortion rights activists,
activists who help the poor, environmental activists and others.

In my view, activists and others fight with one hand behind their back if they will
not use boycotts against the SOURCE: The Republican Party and their prominent
contributors listed below.


Thank you.

Subject: My letter to the object of our boycott, companies that give
money to the Republican Party and the Republican Party



I have originated this purchasing strike against your company and the Republican
Party. As of now over 1850 families have written to you. While small in number,
these people do talk to others, so I do not know the exact amount of people who
have decided to buy elsewhere.

I make no judgement on the quality of your company products. I do however
hold your company partially responsible for the unacceptable agenda of the
Republican Party. The Republican Party used to appear the Party of Lincoln.
Over the last 70 years the Republican Party has evolved in to the Party of
George Lincoln Rockwell, in my view. I and others have the freedom of
association and speech and the freedom to buy from whoever we want and we
do not want our money indirectly going to Republican candidates. Despite
your company statements that you do not give money to the Republican Party,
your money does go to Republican Candidates for Congress and the
presidency. You and your employees have every right to give to whomever you
wish and I have every right not to buy from you because you give money or
your employees give money to the Republican Party or their candidates for

I ask for the following, and I ask you to relay my requests to the leaders
of the Republican Party:

1. The resignation of Richard Cheney and George W Bush and the inauguration
of the rightful winners of the 2000 presidential election Albert Gore as
President and Joseph Lieberman as Vice President.

2. An 8 dollar minimum wage.

3. Federal Funding of abortions.

4. The repeal of the 1996 Welfare Law.

5. The repeal of the Taft Hartley Law.

6. Health care for the 40 million people who have no health care insurance.

7. A patients bill of rights that includes the right to sue an HMO due to

8. A hate crimes law.

9. The repeal of the Death Penalty replacing it with Life Imprisonment
wihout parole or parole in 40 years.

10. prescription drug coverage included at no extra cost in Medicare.

11. An end to the gradual undoing of Roe versus Wade by the Republican Party

12. Any reasonable requests made in the future not made here today.

The emperor has no clothes. George W Bush needs to resign. George W Bush
deserves civil and peaceful disrespect. The protests will mount and more
people will call for his resignation.

I write this letter to you with a clear conscience and with the the
knowledge of my god who has looked upon this earth for 5 millenia and 800

So let it get written, so let it get done.

With peaceful disrespect.

and each person boycotting sends the following text to you:

To:  president@whitehouse.gov,  first.lady@whitehouse.gov,
 senatorlott@lott.senate.gov,  dhastert@mail.house.gov,
 barr.ga@mail.house.gov,  info@rnc.org,  senator@kennedy.senate.gov,
CC:  fl_governor@myflorida.com,  nightly@nbc.com,  spin@cnn.com,
 nightline@abc.com,  ftn@cbsnews.com,  dbaer@hoflink.com,
 cocacolasurvey@na.ko.com,  webmaster@pepsi.com,
 support@service.americanexpress.com,  webmaster@shellus.com,

A Declaration of Independence

When in the course of human events when conditions get so
intolerable that we see the need to separate ourselves from
those who would punish the less fortunate in our society for
their own political and financial gain it comes to the point
to declare our independence from those people. That day
comes today.

I pledge from this day forth to not purchase goods and services
from these Republican donors mentioned below until I see
improvement in such situations and my political agenda gets
advanced. I shall buy elsewhere. If this causes you and your
donors intolerable financial conditions then let the Lord have
it done. I shall also contact these companies with this pledge
with specifics on what I want to see done by our government.
I will also no longer let you punish the less fortunate with
my money any longer.


Prominent Republican contributor Companies to boycott

Coca Cola
Pepsi Cola
Shell Oil
American Express
JC Penney
Dell Computers
Marriott Hotels
Florida and Texas Oranges, Grapefruits, Orange juice and Grapefruit juice
and Florida and Texas Tourism



homepage: homepage: http://www.boycott-republicans.com

Don't forget 29.Apr.2001 16:14


Don't forget about Occidental Oil, who are trying to kick the U'wa tribe in Columbia off their land. Oh sorry Al Gore's invested in them.