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More details on May Day march and stops addressing police repression, workers ri

Hope to see everyone on May Day!
Tuesday, May 1--MAY DAY!!
Gather at the North Park Blocks (NW Park and Burnside) at 4pm
March down Broadway at 4:30pm
Rally at PSU at 6pm

The march (now permitted by the city)
will make three brief stops:

Stop 1: Hilton (scene of police violence last year)
Here we will talk about police repression against May Day, against people in Northeast Portland, and against people of color--highlighting the case of Jose Santos Victor Mejia Poot.

Stop 2: Oregon Steel
Here we talk about workers' rights, recent victories, and the ongoing struggle at Oregon Steel--Steelworker Nick Mikatich from Colorado will be speaking.

Stop 3: Oregonian
Here we will talk about the struggle against corporate globalization, and the FTAA. We will also present the Oregonian with a People's PUlitzer for their outstanding pro-corporate coverage on these issues.

Also: volunteers are needed to help set up at PSU at 3:45-4:30 (you won't miss the march) and someone to watch the room from 4:30pm to 5:30pm contact Andy Davis at 503-232-9247


phone: phone: 503-972-7796

Should I just show up? 30.Apr.2001 15:30


I'd like to show my support but my union (NWU under UAW) is not doing anything active with May Day. Should I just show up at the park blocks and see what happens?