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Want to EGG NikeTown? Of course you do!

Want to safely and legally THROW REAL EGGS at the NikeTown building in downtown Portland this weekend? Of course you do! Read on...
Want to EGG NikeTown? Of course you do!
Want to EGG NikeTown? Of course you do!
This weekend (on 4/28) "Uncle Hoppity" -- a friendly six foot rabbit and hero of children everywhere -- will be downtown at Pioneer Square, Pioneer Place Mall, Saturday Market, and other places to hand out fliers ("Uncle Hoppity's World of Fun Page") and six pounds of candy (540 individually wrapped eggs).

At 4 o'clock Saturday, "Uncle Hoppity" will be at NikeTown inviting passerbys to throw eggs at the building -- REAL eggs, but hollowed out and filled with yellow confetti. To throw one of the dozen and a half eggs, a donation is suggested to defer the cost of the project materials and costume rental.

If you'd like to stop by and say "howdy Uncle Hoppity!" this weekend, or want to throw an egg at NikeTown (or another target such as Starbucks or McDonalds), give me a call (503.274.9614) and we'll be sure to arrange a meeting.

Be good boys and girls!

-- Uncle Hoppity (aka Josh)

PS Don't forget Portland May Day, May 1st 4pm north park blocks! BE THERE!

phone: phone: 503.274.9614

Reprinting the above flier 27.Apr.2001 13:31

"Uncle Hoppity"

By the way, if you want to reprint the above flier, email me and I can give you a MUCH better resolution copy -- just so long as it's for non-commercial use and my credit is retained as the author :-)

Success...? 30.Apr.2001 12:18

"Uncle Hoppity"

Well, it was a success, sort of!

The $95 rental on the bunny suit was well worth it, it REALLY got people's attention. After handing out fliers and candy all over downtown (and getting kicked out of Ruth's Steak House and the Mall) we headed over to NIke (late) at 4:15 and invited people to throw eggs at the building.

Lots of people did, but the effect was pretty ho-hum. So as a finale, I rushed into the store (as "Uncle Hoppity"), started shouting the word "SWEATSHOP!!!" at the top of my lungs, and launched 6 eggs at the walls, all while yelling "DON'T SHOP AT NIKE!!! SWEATSHOP LABOR!!!"

... so that was pretty cool!

Until next time kids,

-- "Uncle Hoppity"