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The Shortwave Report 4/27/01 !LISTEN GLOBALLY!

A Weekly 30 minute review of news stories and opinions recorded from a shortwave radio. (13.6mb/mp3) Radio Netherlands, Deutsche Welle, Spain, China, Cuba. Foot and Mouth, nuclear power in Germany, Nigeria, Ethiopia, US arms sales, Mexico, Columbia, FTAA, US in Panama.
The latest Shortwave Report (4/27/01) is up at the website. (13.6mb/29:53) Now in a weekly schedule, the show continues to bring news and opinions not found in other media sources. IT'S FREE TO REBROADCAST, please send me an email notification if you air it. If you receive the program on CD, 4/27/01 and 4/20/01 will be mailed tomorrow. If you would like the programs on CDs, just ask.
This week's program begins with two stories from Radio Netherlands- a former dictator in Guatemala maintains his immunity from human rights charges; 3 people in England have been diagnosed with foot and mouth disease.
From Radio Deutsche Welle- the burning of cattle in England is releasing major amounts of dioxin, and foot and mouth has spread to the deer population; German Greens plan before summer to lock in a phase out of nuclear power plants by 2020.
From Spanish National Radio- Nigeria's military chiefs all resign; huge student protests in Ethiopia leave 41 students dead.
A story from China Radio International expressing responses to the U.S. arms deal with Taiwan.
Radio Havana Cuba- Mexico was the sole Latin American Nation to abstain from voting to condemn Cuba at the U.N. Human Rights Commission; in Columbia investigators are after black market uranium and plutonium; an opinion piece on the Summit of the Americas; a piece about the U.S. troops "visiting U.S. Forces" in Panama, and the failure to clean up toxic military target sites.
!Furthur! Dan Roberts

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