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David Reinhart's Column 4/25

Conservative buffoon Dave Reinhart bashes the May Day Coalition.
In his column on 4/26, Dave Reinhart lashes out against the May Day coalition and every other citizen planning to march on May Day. He claims that our presence will disturb the "law abiding" citizens of the city. He further insinuates that we are spoiled children who do not hold (or cannot hold) jobs like 'regular' folk.

I urge people to write to the Oregonian editorial page and condemn this tripe.
I read it, and it's not worth your time... 26.Apr.2001 19:03

fran tarkington

I read his column, which was basically a frenzy of name-calling where strereotypes were hurled with no intent whatsoever but to offend anyone who dares to use their so-called freedom to do anything other that eat, shit, sleep, and commute (in a car). One comment he made said something along the lines of, 'go eat a vegetarian burrito..'. Yeah, he's apparently that childish. His spewing of venom does not even warrant a response - I wouldn't even waste your time acknowledging it, or giving him the satisfaction of showing that you're pissed.

Crap journalism kills 27.Apr.2001 04:39


In england,where the yellow press is perfected,a peaceful anarchist was driven to suicide by a smear and libel job that was done on him.
Makes you think if lives may have been saved if goebells had been stamped out earlier,Fucked if I know,Print the dogs adress,maybe?