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Black Bloc Call for Virginia Republican Convention

Please distribute widely!
A Call to Action: Shut Down the Virginia Republican Convention!

Calling all anti-authoritarians, anti-capitalists and all others who seek a world free of charge! The Virginia Republican Convention (VARC) will take place in Richmond from June 1-2. Thousands of delegates from across the state will converge to continue the war waged upon us by the ruling class which controls them.

The farcical notion of electoral democracy must be replaced. Our Earth, our livelihoods, our land, and our liberty can only be defended by those who stand to lose the most from their destruction. The VARC will seek to elevate the narrow interests of the ruling class over the unviersal concerns which affect us all.

Rise up! This will be a time to refute their claims to privilege and power. We call on all blockaders, guerrilla gardeners, saboteurs, drummers, Radical Cheerleaders, street performers, action medics, bike messengers, radio operators, and all other concerned individuals to converge in Richmond for a 3-day Festival of Resistance against state authority and oppression. Policies that wage war on the people of Virginia and the world will be directly challenged. Come to Richmond from May 31-June 2. Let's take it to the streets!

Bread and Revolution


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Bread and Revolution
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Virginia Justice Action Coalition
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