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Portland City Council sponsors May Day!

the city council is apparently the official sponsor of the may day march--they got a permit for it!
yes, it's true...
according to Sam Adams of the mayor's office, the Portland City Council has secured a permit for the May Day March (including signing the controversial indemnity clause--accepting liability for pretty much anything that happens)

Although May Day organizers never asked for permission, the City felt compelled to go ahead and give permission--in the form of a permit.

In tonight's meeting with May Day orgainzers, city and police officials also promised to have only a minimal presence on May Day (just bike cops, no horses or ATV's)and offered to help out with a sound system.

For more than an hour, city and police officials listened to activists' concerns about police repression of rallies and marches, and political repression of activists in general. They also answered and dodged tough questions from those in attendance.

So--if the cops stick to their promises (A BIG IF!!)--things might actually be pretty calm on May Day.

See ya at 4:00pm at Park and Burnside!
woo hoo 23.Apr.2001 06:23

matchboy robby@matchboy.net

that is so good to hear... but there is always the *IF*

hopeful that may day will be peaceful 23.Apr.2001 10:46

Jones jonessoda at yahoo.com

During the Portland FTAA march on Saturday I observed one person complain to another that the march was too peaceful, that there wasn't any vandalism or police brutality.

"It's like it's not even happening," he remarked snidely, "it's like this isn't even a protest."

The point of a protest or march is NOT to cause chaos and mayham! If it were we'd be no better than the politicians and corporations causing chaos and mayham with our environment!

Yes, fight fire with fire, make sure your voice is heard, but it's the message that's important (in this case, stop the FTAA), not the medium (peaceful or violent). And it's not like our march was being repressed; it was very successful without the need for violence!

This seemed to be lost on that individual who seemed more interested in the march for entertainment value than political.

Hoping May Day will be a peaceful one,

-- Jones

I am so proud of us! 23.Apr.2001 10:49


I am so proud of the May Day coalition for standing our ground and not applying for a permit! And I'm so proud of folks from other actions/other organizations that have applied for permits before (anti-FTAA march, Police Accountability Campaign, etc.) for standing in full solidarity with May Day organizers!

That, in my mind, is the most important victory: The left won't let the authorities divide us. We'll stick together and not buy in to "good protester"/"bad protester" divisions. This is the truly important legacy of Seattle 1999.