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A good example - FTAA for May Day

FTAA went well - now if only May Day can do the same
the bystanders got to see us in action, doing what we're meant to do , without the excessive polkice brutality./ This made us look good, like we are, as good people who have some concerns.

Also, the alternative media did a good job. I like that log on the front page of this site. All the other IMCs were doing neat stuff too.

So when May Day comes, hpoefully the bystanders will look at us more favorably and second guess the police. Especially if we can have that log on the fron of this again and be tellin people who are bystanders to go there cause then they can read about what really happened. now how to get the address of this site out to people who would be watching teh nighttime news as their only source of info... can we jam the tv networks with a still of the URL???

best to all - good work
Get Involved! 22.Apr.2001 20:00

a member of the PDX IMC Collective portland@indymedia.org

Thank you for the compliment on the work Portland IMC did surrounding FTAA!

Portland IMC can do *even more* with the help of more people. To get involved, contact  portland@indymedia.org