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This is What "Rubber Bullets" Look Like

This is what the police and corporate media call rubber bullets. These pellets, with a Canadian 25 cent piece for
scale have caused substantial injuries. They are what is being fired on demonstrators in Quebec City

I hesitated at first to post this, not wanting to play into the hype and shift the focus toward violence and away from the issues (like the corporate media does), but these pellets are large and much harder than average rubber, and have caused substantial injury.

As many may have heard by now, the medical clinic set up for the demonstrators was closed down, with people forced out at gunpoint earlier this evening. There are a few safe havens where injured activists are being treated.

Resistance to corporate dominance and corporate driven globalization is met around the world by men and women with guns. Whether it is the military in Ecuador or the paramilitary in Colombia or the junta in Burma or the RCMP on the streets of Quebec, it seems impossible for the "free" trade neoliberal agenda to be carried out without coersion and force to quell the voices of discontent at the inherent injustices.

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