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Anti-FTAA March Larger Than Reported

A/21 Anti-FTAA March was at Least 1,200.
I've been going to demos for twenty years and think I'm a good estimater of crowds and today's march was at least 1,200, not the 200 reported by IMC. Anybody there with any judgement on these things should confirm this.

The March was the biggest I've seen in the last year. Bigger than Mayday 2000, bigger than S/26 and of course bigger than the inaugural.

Props to the organizers. It's good to see us anarchists marching along side then other lefities/progressives.
i agree... over a 1,000 22.Apr.2001 09:57

matchboy robby@matchboy.net

i would have to agree. there was closer to a thousand or more marchers.
and as far as the anarchists marching alongside the leftists that is the best thing we can do. solidarity.
we our the people.

Yeah 22.Apr.2001 12:58


I agree, there were at least 1000 people. The news organizations tried to say there were only 500 to 700, but that's commercial news for you. And also, did anyone see the article in the Oregonian about the Portland march? No? Well it's easy to miss, since it's a tiny little 2 column story, that talks about the Portland, and the Blaine, WA protest. If there had been anything broken or any violence, it would have been on the front page. But, no, it was succesful, so they don't want to show too much.

Numbers at Rally 22.Apr.2001 17:25

Jeremy David Stolen fellowtraveler@riseup.net

We thank everyone who contacted us with corrections of our number estimates. One note: the first, lower number reported was for the beginning of the rally in Pioneer Square, when there were only about 300-400 *in* the square (This was a conservative estimate that did not count people on the perimeter of the square). The size of the crowd swelled after the march started. At that point, we reported 1000 in the streets during the march. After the march, after recieving emails and reviewing our video, we saw that 1000 was an undercount as well. The number is now being reported on this site as 1500. We are a new media organization, and we appreciate any feedback that we get. And of course, anyone is welcome to join the organization and help to plan and produce future coverage. We'll do better on Mayday!

A trick I learned 23.Apr.2001 00:21


I'm not surprised the police only estimated 500-700 were involved in the march. A trick I learned along time ago is take the police estimate of a crowd and double it, then you'll know the actual number of people who showed up.