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March on Diamond Parking : Radical Cheerleaders

WISE UP! with Portland's legendary Radical Cheerleaders, at the March to the Diamond Parking building after the FTAA Rally at Pioneer Square. 30 sec.
March on Diamond Parking : Radical Cheerleaders
March on Diamond Parking : Radical Cheerleaders

Great Spirit Leaders! 21.Apr.2001 19:07

matchboy robby@matchboy.net

the march wouldn't have been the same if the spirit leaders (or cheerleaders) were not there to pump up the energy and help everyone smile more. thanks!

12425 NW Barnes Road Apt. 2 Portland, OR

Thank you so much 21.Apr.2001 21:25


I'd like to thank the Radical Cheerleaders for thier beautiful performances during the FTAA Protest. They were very entertaining and down right inspirational. :)

i agree 21.Apr.2001 22:15


those gals and girels and boys know how to pump it out i na totoally sarcasitc and clever way.

i like having htem at our actions and completely appreciate their stuff and the work they put into it.

it adds a new dimention to everyit g that we really rewally need!

Thank You! 22.Apr.2001 13:32

killerfemme prochoiceornochoice@yahoo.com

Thank you for all the support for the Radical Cheerleaders! We had a great time at the march and rally, as well as planning and performing our cheers. The organizers and march leaders did an excellent job making sure everything ran smoothly and was an effective and creative way to get our very important message out. Thank you for letting us be involved! Keep up the spirit Portland!Rah Rah Rah!

representing Corvallis 23.Apr.2001 17:44

William Wallace

Hey, Hey, hey. Just like to say that I was there in Portland on Saturday at the FTAA protest representing the "Liberator", an anti-capitalist underground publication based on campus here at O.S.U. This was my first serious protest and I was greatly heartened by it. It helps to see people who are devoted to the cause as deeply as we are. I think we should organize these kind of protests as often as possible until the establishment begans to make change. ALso-every time we conduct an action like on Saturday more of the general populace are educated about what is going on with the global corporate takeover.

Here is our online publication of The LIberator: www.geocities.com/omakede/socialpeace.html

I know the site sucks but we were just trying to get our publication out there fast since we are working with barebones materials. Please comment on our publication at our email address:  socialpeace@paris.com

I sincerely hope I get some responses because we need connections with committed and radical individuals!!!