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Brat Agrees to "Prod" Portland IndyMedia

Local would-be activist "brat" acquiesces to Portland IndyMedia
P O R T L A N D, 22 April, 12 pm PDT (Reuters) -- A politically-minded local nicknamed Brat has finally acquiesced to Portland IndyMedia's request to "prod" them into finally producing an 'About Us' page.

"I'm not sure IndyMedia realise how inaccessible their pages can be to those of us who aren't already plugged into all the activism groups and issues," Brat told a press conference assembled on the front porch of her Northeast Portland home. "When you click the 'about us' button, it says to 'give them a prod' about completing the page. Ironically, that prod page is the link from clicking 'contact' as well."

Electing to prod the group via its news articles submission page, Brat said she felt "bewildered" by the many possibilities for engaging in political activism, but equally alienated. "I don't plan on doing activist work 24-7 or eating only organic home-grown millet for the rest of my life. Will I be shunned by the hard core activists if I try to participate?"

Brat also posed for photographs with her friend's dog Joey amidst the rhododendrons, in homage to Joey Ramone. Brat's press release stated that she had changed her name to "Brat with a Baseball Bat" as a tribute to the recently-deceased former frontman of the punk-rock musical group, The Ramones.


homepage: homepage: http://www.indymedia.org
phone: phone: 503 823 3333

About Us 25.Apr.2001 23:26

ayleen ayleen@riseup.net

More info about "us" has always been available through  portland@indymedia.org, a simple e-mail address to remember.

We once had a more comprehensive "about us" page, then there was a server crash globally.

There are not so many people involved locally. If you want change to happen more quickly, I highly reccommend you become involved with Portland IMC. We are an incredible resource which GREAT potential. The more people who are involved, the more we can do!

Personally, I find it's much more effective to contact people directly and offer assistance as to how to make things better, rather than complaining about how they suck, unless it's from corporate highly funded sources.

At Portland IMC, we're all volunteers! We love the work we do, but it takes a lot of work. Any assistance is greatly appreciate. I personally answer all the  portland@indymedia.org mail and look forward to meeting volunteers in person at our meetings, which are always posted near the bottom of the Features section.

I would have rathered contact the poster of this message directly, but the above info is not valid. Maybe this has been informative to others in the process anyway. I look forward to yur involvement, Brat, and that of others in the community who see the need for a resource such as IMC.


Ayleen Crotty
PDX IMC Secretary

inaccessibility 26.Apr.2001 13:33

not a full time activist

I think there are definitely some aspects of this site that are really dumb, not smart ways to set up a site. I contacted them and they said they are working to re layout the site so some new things could com from it that are better.

I find it's always better to try to contact the source rather than to merely bitch about it. I also wish I coul dhelp Portland IndyMedia, so I am trying to free up some time in my schedule because I really like the idea of this thing nad I don't want it to die.