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Tell the Mayor to Stop Attacking Protests

The May Day Coalition will meet with Mayor Katz this weekend to clear up any apprehensions she has about the May Day Parade. The meeting is public, and we want to hear your voice. This is a chance to tell the Mayor a thing or two about the way the City has mishandled protests. The Coalition does not have a permit for May Day and hopes that open communication will help to keep us safe from police attack. The meeting will be held on Sunday, April 22, at 6pm in the 3rd floor Rose Room of City Hall. City Hall is located at 1221 SW 4th Ave (4th & Madison). The 4th Ave entrance will be open. See you there.
If you need further information, please call the May Day Coalition voicemail at (503) 972-7796.

phone: phone: (503) 972-7796

Vera Lies 20.Apr.2001 09:13


Good for you to try to open the lines oc communication but that evil mayor don't listen worth shit and god knows she'll still beat our heads in and iterrorgate us and arrest us with the help of CROAKer.

Tactics 20.Apr.2001 09:19

Mark sabocat@mail.ru

I do not expect the 'maintainers of the public order' to abandon their coercive methods because we ask them politely. However, meetings such as these can serve a function of documenting the hostility to rights guaranteed by Constitutional and Treaty guarantees. Such evidence can then be used to broaden support for the resistance.

Eh. 20.Apr.2001 22:25


I still think it's sick that she ran unopposed this last election . . . :P

Vera Katz, Queen of Clubs 21.Apr.2001 06:41

mr bunny

Vera Katz is an unflinching supporter of violent police oppression. Don't be tricked by any of the lies these corrupt cops and cops' aides will undoubtedly spew all over the place at the public meeting. The police and the mayor have been laying the groundwork for police violence by loudly complaining about permits, permits, permits. PR is easy when you're dealing with a largely lobotomized public and a non-functioning press - most people probably now believe that since protesters refused to obtain a permit, any and all police violence is justified. Let's stand up for the few rights we have left.